Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's the little things. . . .

. . . . like apple seeds with little roots/sprouts? We decided to plant them to see what happens.

. . . . like a car boot sale near the markets that I HAD to check out, and discovered for $6.00 this beautiful little perfect set to add to my collection.

. . . . Like a wander down to the local markets to find a new girl in town, Nikki Brown, I love your jewellery. It was difficult for this Libran to choose just one.
Oh and this dress is a Lola Espeleta, and I love it, I totally just love it, and I want more of her stuff like this tunic and this double layer dress and this jacket and, and, and, and. . . . . anyways, back to the little things, sorry the dress doesn't match the choker, but I just had to wear it, cause it's new jewellery and I like to 'feel' how it feels. You know what I mean right? It's a girl thing, yeah? Or is it just a Joyce thing?

What are the little things that do it for you?
Do you have a fave designer that you would like to share?
I would love to check it out.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

1 comment:

TK said...

well I am liking everything 'little things' wise today - seeds, porcelain set, necklace & clothes, did I mention the clothes, oh yeah & the clothes!!!!