Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Good Afternoon to all in blog-land. I apologise for being absent these last few days, it's been rather busy at our house lately.

This is what is on my table this Tuesday, there are 15 scarves to donate to the local cancer ward. I was hoping to have a few more done, however, will take another batch out when I get them made up.

Despite coming into the warmer months here, necks still feel the chill and I hope these bring just a little comfort and warmth to their new owners.

I hope you are having a lovely day at your place.

What do you have on your table this Tuesday?? I would love to know.


Sarah said...

Oh Joyce you are such a kind lady! What a lot of lovely scarves. I'm sure you will make plenty of ladies very happy indeed.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Sarah, thank you, all the red yarn was donated for the scarves, which is just wonderful. I have more yarn here and hope to get a few more done.