Friday, September 10, 2010

International Crochet Day September 12, 2010

It's International Crochet Day this Sunday, 12th September 2010.

Woo hoo - you don't have to ask me twice, I'm in.

Here's cheers to all my lovely crochet friends *clink*

Get hooked, you know you want to.

Have a wonderful weekend to all my friends, I hope you get some lovely crafting time in.


Clara said...

Thanks Joyce! Can't wait to see what everyone is up to next week.

Lillabilly said...

Is it really!? I will definately be crocheting my little heart out then!

Mrs Twins said...

I apologise for not stopping by earlier. I have hubby at home this week and you know we've been busy.
I really appreciate your kind comments, we had such a great time, and I'm still on a high!
Love Suex

'Joyce' said...

Hi All, yes, I only managed a little crochet on Sunday, despite my good intentions. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Sue, don't apologise, that's ok, it's just so busy at the moment again, *phew* the days seem to be running into each other.
Lillabilly and Clara I am going to stop by your blogs and check out what you have been doing too, I look forward to sitting and relaxing with a cuppa, possibly sometime late tonight. lol, had better run, scarves to deliver now. Bless and have a lovely day.