Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where to Begin?

L to R. Goldstone, Rhodonite, Lepidolite, Tiger Iron

I don't quite know what to say, I don't quite know if I should be saying it here, I am not sure how to get the words out, or if in fact there are any words to get out. *sigh* I am feeling a little strange right now, however, don't ask me to explain, cause, really, I just cannot, all I know is - well I think I know - is that it wasn't my choice at all. It just happened this way.

I got out of bed this morning, with a thousand things to get done, you know, a regular day as a Mum, assistant coach, student, volunteer, committee member. I had my list written up, sort of like a game plan of rushing around to get it all done in the best possible time, without forgetting anything.

Then there it was, in the middle of the local markets on my way to get apples, almost like I had been slapped across my face. I found myself staring at this stone, it was absolutely brilliant, I just had to touch it, everything around me disappeared completely, I just don't remember, nothing existed outside of this one stone.

It's touch spread through my fingers, I felt it twine through my wrist and up to my elbow. Almost like it was a capsule of liquid that was intravenously making its way through my blood or my nerves or something. *freak* I must at this point explain to you I am stone cold sober right now. I just cannot explain myself, but I never want to forget the feeling either, hence, my recording here and now.

I don't recall how long passed before the lady behind the counter come over to me. Her eyes were so green along with her tiny earrings and scarf. She told me I was holding Goldstone. I think it was obvious to her I had no idea about crystals or stones and she then went on to say it's good for relieving pain in joints. I didn't care, I didn't care at all, I just was so drawn to this stone, I could not stop looking at, or touching it. So I bought it. Now I am home, it has sort of hit me, the virus I have had recently with the swelling and aching in my joints, well there is no way she would have known about that at all. *interesting*

I managed to tear my eyes away from it long enough to realise there was a whole table of beautiful crystals and stones. The photo above is of the stones I purchased in order of purchase. I won't say 'my choice', to be honest, I think they chose me. (*!*)

I then purchased my apples, and headed for the bookstore because I want to know more. The Crystal Bible is what I found at the bookshop along with a few others, but this I recognised, as the lady at the stall had this very book on her counter.

I googled Goldstone and you can go Here if you want to check it out. I am about to read up about my other purchases as well.

Tell me, has this happened to you before, has something reached out to you so strongly and 'claimed' you this way before? I would love to know I am not alone here, I would love to know if perhaps the natural forces of nature are getting my attention.

Thank you for stopping by my place today, and I hope you come back, I didn't mean to scare.


AlyshaJane said...

Not scared here! :)

I have had the same experience. Quite a few years ago I was walking around some markets and came across a stall selling stone and crystal necklaces.

One in particular caught my eye and I just had to touch it. I looked at the others but kept coming back to this brilliant blue stone pendant. The man who owns the stall noticed and said 'the stones pick you'. I bought the pendant, it is Lapis Lazuli and in the shape of a donut.

I can totally understand you choosing the Goldstone and the other pretties. Natural things do seem to have some kind of energy to them. Hope the Goldstone helps to ease your aching joints!

Sarah said...

No you haven't frightened me off, I love that sort of thing. How jolly exciting! Gosh I must have a look at them myself sometimes. I know nothing about any of them and had no idea they were healing stones.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh Yay Joyce! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience with crystals!
As well as training to be a counsellor, I am a reiki master and practice crystal healing... crystals are just the most amazing amazing thing created by mother earth.
I love that crystal bible, I have a copy and its so comprehensive... its the best.
My absoloute fave crystal is clear quartz... it's pretty much the only one I buy now... my latest one I found is a double terminated phantom.... look it up!!!
Glad you're getting some crystalline interventionto help you get over your virus,
big hugs to you from raymond XXXXX

'Joyce' said...

oh how wonderful. thank you for your comments. I have been totally mesmerised by my little goldstone all afternoon. They have been cleansed and are now part of my life. So amazing, just so amazing.
Alysha, I have just looked up your Lapis Lazuli, and oh I can see how you were drawn to this beauty.
Sarah, oh do check them out, they are totally amazing.
Alice, oh my gosh! you are such a talented lady for sure, for sure! wow, I may need your help then on my quest of learning if you don't mind, now and then. I have just checked out your clear quartz - it's on my list to add to my mini collection now. So I should probably go with the point rather than a cluster? oh gosh, I am so excited to be learning about these wonderful gifts of nature.

Thank you, so much for not being freaked out by my post today. lol, I honestly almost deleted it.


'Joyce' said...

Alice, back again, just checked out the double terminated phantom, just stunning, oh wow, I have much to learn here. How exciting.

Posy Linda said...

The crystals you found are really cool. I hope you enjoy them always.