Thursday, August 12, 2010


609 Aztec626 Plum

Hello to my lovely friends, yes, I am back, I just could not let this pass. I have been knitting tonight, and have now completed one sleeve of the little green jumper and cast on sleeve number two. Alas, aching joints have stopped me going further, so on the computer I go, yarn on the brain, thoughts of what to make next, cruisin' the internet.

Just wanted to share Bendigo Woollen Mills with you. I have been filling my 'shopping cart' there tonight, and tomorrow am going to seriously have to scale back on my purchases, but it's been so much fun adding all those lovely colours together.

Now while I was in blogland, I poppped over to see Rosie and have totally fallen in love with her recent brooch collection, especially 'Miss Gladys'. So now I am back to my Bendigo shopping cart, because from their classic cones in 2 and 3 ply, Aztec or Plum (yes, I love the colour combo of the Plum with 'Miss Gladys'), I am thinking some lovely spring yarn made into a vest and finished with a 'Miss Gladys' would be perfecto for me. Rosie, I hope you don't mind that I dragged your photo over. I just so wanted to show everyone your beautiful work.

What have you been cruisin' around looking at on the internet lately that you would like to share. I would love to see.


Cynthia L. said...

I will have to visit the yarn store and see what kind of trouble I can get in! Lately I have been checking out It is, of course, a site where people swap different hand made items. I have joined a couple swaps and have had fun getting "goodies" in the mail.

Mrs Twins said...

No sorry not much time for internet 'cruisin', too busy with blankies!!
Hows you Joyce?
Well I hope now.
Hugs and thanks always for comments,
I'll get a photo sorted for you.
I so wanted to get this blanket finished and loaded up today!
Hugs Suex

AlyshaJane said...

Oh noes! I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I think it may end up at Bendigo Woollen Mills! Not that I mind - yarn is always good! If not there, it will be at an op shop. I cannot resist the retro goodies (50s, 60s).

Hope you do not mind if this is a longish comment! I shall share some of my recent net cruisin' (cool term, by the way)

- Minuscule website: home to some of the cutest animations ever:

- A pattern for Hexagon Granny Squares:

- Joie, a cool web magazine:

- A recipe for Dhal (I love lentils!):

- A recipe for 'Orange Cup Cinnamon Rolls':

That is some of my latest favourites from cruisin' around the web. :)

You always have the coolest posts, Joyce!

AlyshaJane said...

Oops, those links are not clickable. Sorry!

'Joyce' said...

Good Evening All, Cynthia, oohhhh love the sound of Swap-bot, what a cool name, right am going to write these down and go check them out. lol.
Hi Sue, Yes, normally I would be click-clacking madly away, but can only do so much and then need to have a break. I have tried going from knitting to crochet, but that doesn't work either. There is no hurry for the photos, just when you get a moment. thank you, my little fellow also loves that red, blue and white one as well. He has good taste me thinks.
Hi Alysha, oh how wonderful you are too, thanks for those, will click and save them and check them all out. how yummy do the cinnamon rolls sound hmmmmm. will let you know how I go.
As for Bendigo Woollen Mills, you know I emailed them for a sample card and they are going to post one out to me, how lovely is that!! So I am going to leave my shopping cart until I get the sample cards and can see for myself what colours go together. Such awesome-ness for sure.
Have fun and I am goin' cruisin'. xx

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello Joyce!
Isn't that badge delicious! I love it and think you should buy it.
Then buy lots of wool to make yourself something to put the badge on.
Then buy some more crystals!
Feels like I haven't been popping in lately, I missed a post between this comment and last!
I'm out of my blogging groove...
hugs to you from lopsided Raymond! XXX

Posy Linda said...

That purple yarn is devine. I hope you get some.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Alice, oh I know, I am thinking I will get Miss Gladys regardless of my yarn choices, as I will just make something that WILL go with her. Such a pretty 'springy' colour. As for crystals, I am hoping to get time this week to stop in a particular shop in town to see what they have to offer, taking my bible with me, but I do know that clear quartz is on my list. How did your presentation go last week, or is it still work in progress? oh darling Raymond, big hugs.
Hi Posy Linda, oh I so love that purple with Miss Gladys for sure, you have excellent taste my dear. lol.