Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Week Parade - The Short List

We have exactly 14 sleeps till book week parade.
Above are the short listed faves for my darling eldest boy.

This 'short list' is my darling little Minnie's faves for book week.

And these two books above are Mum's short list that have
'mysteriously' gone missing for the few weeks before and during
the book week selection period. I don't feel slack at all in
not giving my boys the option to dress as Walter. I just couldn't
do it to their teachers.

Now we have our short lists, we go through them, discuss what we like most about the characters, read and reread them, and in this way eliminate all but one book.

We love book week.

I have a question for you, and will share my answer as well, tell me what books are on your favs short list?
I love anything by Bryce Courtenay and Enid Blyton,
Ben Elton cracks me up,
I also got right into Stephenie Meyers Twilight series, yes, I certainly did (however am neither Team Edward or Team Jacob fan - just loved the books)
We of the Never Never - Mrs Aeneas Gunn
The Saffron Kitchen - Yasmin Crowther
Then there is Angela's Ashes and 'Tis - Frank McCourt
and my most recent purchase are two books by Dr Catherine Hamlin, The Hospital by the River and Catherine's Gift, which I am yet to read.

Thanks for stopping by my place, I hope you are having fun today, and I can't wait to see your short list. I love being recommended a good read.


Lollybags said...

Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
In the eyes of the Dragon by Steven King
Faerie Tale by Raymond E Feist
Anything (that hasn't been changed to be more PC)by Enyd Blyton
Twilight Saga (go team neutral!)
The Hobbit
The Incarnations Of Immortality Series by Piers Anthony (Corny but enjoyable)

They are all on high rotation in by bookcase I also have the Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles that I haven't started reading yet (True Blood books)

Rosie said...

Would the Walter costume come complete with sound effects? If yes, it gets my vote!

Also, I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your posts over the past few weeks. I've been terribly slack with my (non)comments...but each post has been read and throughly enjoyed... especially the eye-brow one! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

Mrs Twins said...

Hi Joyce,
Thanks for stopping by SIBOL.
The link for the Carnations is
They are dead easy, wire a bit fiddly.
If you go on my Flickr stream
The Crocheting Set
I have loads on there. Peach ones too.
I'll try and do a shot later for the edge.

You must try these carnations because they are so quick, so effective, just lovely. I have made some for my Daughters flat when she lived there. Some for my other Daughters room. I have peach ones on my fireplace amongst some ribbon flowers. Just everywhere.
I dont have much time to read!
As you can imagine!
Love Suex

Sarah said...

Book week dressups are great fun when you have the time. Go on let them be Walter! I've never actually heard of him but it sure sounds a winner. Good luck with the costumes.

Posy Linda said...

Hi Joyce... Your children surely will love all of those books. My goodness that Walter is a bit naughty (tee hee).

'Joyce' said...

oh thanks for your fav book choices, might just have to check them out too.
As for you Walter lovers, *sigh* lol yes, it would be with sound affects too I am afraid. Poor Walter, I do feel awful now. lol. I have told the boys tomorrow is their last day, they absolutely, must, have to, make a final decision on their character so that I can begin construction. *yikes*
Rosie you are welcome, I so love your blog too. You are so busy lately and your fabrics are stunning. Thanks so much for popping in.