Sunday, August 15, 2010

Farming Friends

*berk* *beeerrrrrrrrrk*

No, it's not tree dandruff, it's a galah party at sundown.

A gift from Mother Nature. Thank you.

Bonfire beauty.

We were invited to visit some friends on their farm for a Saturday evening bonfire. It was wonderful. The kids all had a lovely tractor ride, they checked out the chooks and collected eggs, said hello to the geese, ran around like little indians around the paddocks and yards, watched outdoor movies snuggled under blankets and pillows, nibbled home made pizza.

As for the adults, we chatted about the chooks and the awesomeness of the hen house and nesting boxes, we asked about the orchard, vege patch, working the land, we discussed various aspects of farming and what they had planned next (green house and japanese hot springs, pond, outdoor pizza oven and more planting, farm stay options and cabins) we kept toasty warm by the huge bonfire and some of us snuggled with the kids to watch the outdoor movies.

We had a wonderful evening, totally gob-smacked by this wonderful little family and the huge plans they have for their little farm, but gosh, it's so precision-like planned and they are taking each step slowly and meticulously to ensure it all goes to plan and each addition benefits the surrounds it's placed in.

The beauty of a farm is what we saw yesterday, the passion from this little family is bringing their dream together to be fully sustainable and work the land, the respect they have for the land, how they have planned their farm from the layout that Mother Nature has given them to best support their needs.

I couldn't breathe in enough, the smell of the fresh straw, the crisp cool air as the sun set, the colours of the sky and the laughing of the galah's as the sun dropped over the horizon, the view of the mountains and the first sprinkling of stars as the evening set in. The smell and crackle of the bonfire, the laughter of the kids running around.

I want to live on a farm. A little farm, just enough for the kids to run free, have chickens, a vege patch and fruit trees, two dogs, four cats, a huge cubby house down the back. A little house with a big fireplace in the middle of the house, a huge verandah running all around with an outdoor pizza oven, and an old wagon under a huge fig tree.

Did you get to spend time with some amazing people this weekend?


Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh Joyce, you could so have that dream!!!
Maybe even an acre of land could create enough room for all that! I bet your boys had the best time ever having all those fun things to see and experience, all that space to run around and wear themselves out!
Bet they slept well that night!
Loved the pics, especially that big fire!
Glad to hear you had a lovely and inspiring weekend! Hope it fills your week with good things! XXX
p.s I am posting farm pictures tomorrow of my mum and dads sheep... I thought it was funny when I started reading your farm post today! Great minds hey!!!!!!

Crochet with Raymond said...

oh... he he I just zoomed in on the galah party! I didn't know wat they were! I thought you meant your friends had decorated the tree! But when I zoomed, I saw wings flapping! WHat a cool thing to have in your tree!!!!!! he hehe

Posy Linda said...

That is a wonderful dream Joyce. I hope you can live it one day soon. The photos are great~-~

Sarah said...

I dream the same dream. I think a lot of us do. Mine wouldn't be precision planned though. It would be full of mistakes but good fun anyway. At least you have your chooks.

Mrs Twins said...

The edging at last, sorry.

What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Sounds absolutely great!
Hugs Suex