Saturday, August 14, 2010


How be your Saturday?
Are you soaking up the sun this Saturday?
Are you snuggled warm, watching the rain this Saturday?
Are you working on a project with someone special this Saturday?
Are you celebrating a special event this Saturday?
Are you hanging with dear ones this Saturday?
Did you board a train, plane, submarine or boat this Saturday?
Are you holding hands this Saturday?
Are you cheering your favourite team this Saturday?
Are you making something for a gift this Saturday?
Are you sleeping in this Saturday?
Are you wearing your favourite coloured undies this Saturday?
Did you tell someone that you miss/love them this Saturday?
Are you swimming with dolphins this Saturday?
Are you eating hot dogs this Saturday?
Did you say goodbye to someone this Saturday?
Are you having a beer with a friend this Saturday?
Are you hanging washing on the line this Saturday?
Are you reading a good book this Saturday?
Did you bake a cake or cookies this Saturday?
Are you wearing a pirate hat this Saturday?
Did you move house this Saturday?
Did you roller skate this Saturday?
Do you have a bonfire at your place with marshmallows this Saturday?
Are you cooking something spectacular this Saturday?
Did you pick flowers this Saturday?
Did you say a prayer for someone who needs it, this Saturday?
Are you blowing out candles on a cake this Saturday?
Did you dance, or sing, this Saturday?
Did you find a quiet moment to just 'be' this Saturday?

Have a lovely Saturday.


angelina said...

this is excellent. i love it. you brighten my moods, always. cheers sweetie.xx

Rosie said...

Blah...been stuck at market all day (and yesterday). No sunshine for me this weekend...have to do it all again tomorrow!

AlyshaJane said...

Wonderful! A great reminder of all the fun things one can do in a day. Hope your Saturday was fabboo, Joyce! What are your boys making in the photo?

Today was washing clean sheets so lovely fresh sheets tonight, a bit of shopping with my darling to buy the ingredients for making quiches tonight and some treaties for both of us.

Now I am indulging myself and reading blogs while enjoying a glass of white wine and some camembert cheese. Mmm.

Posy Linda said...

Thanks Joyce. I hope to enjoy a quiet Saturday. How could I not enjoy this day - your list is too fun!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Angelina, I hope you are feeling much better, and thank you for your lovely comments. xx
Rosie, I have been thinking of you and I hope you are selling heaps, well I bet you are.
Alysha, my boys are making bed slats. The current ones for my eldests bed were just not made quite long enough, and so my big boy decided to do something about it. They are working together and my little one was so very excited by all the cut off pieces, he wants to paint them and use them for his 'road works'. Everyone wins. lol. I love fresh sheets, ohhhh the smell of the sun when you snuggle into bed. mmmmmm, lovely. lol, enjoy your wine, yes, I am indulging in Mummy time and catching up on blogs here too now. It will be choccie time soon too.
Hi Posy Linda, I am glad you liked it.

Mrs Twins said...

Yes Joyce I was blowing out the candles!
Happy day to you always, great post!
Hugs Suex

'Joyce' said...

Hi Mrs Twins, I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. I am having troubles seeing the latest slide shows and making a comment on your blog, so will pop back on later and might have more luck. So wanted to check out your latest deliveries. Have a lovely day. xx