Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote 1 - Crochet Party

This is my Saturday night.
Three sick boys. Two just gone to bed, one rugged up on the lounge.
This nurse is going to put her feet up and rancho relaxo.

I did have plans for an election party, you know, put on the ABC, nibbles, bubbly, a bit of dance music and some friends over, however, due to germy ugg bug boys, plans have changed to Crochet Party for One.

It's all good, I will get a few things done that have been 'on the list' for a while now. This one in front here with the rainbow colours is totally inspired by Alice. Thank you my dear blogging friend for your stunning circles and colours. It's not quite granny circle pattern, but I want a closer crochet pattern for this project, however it's still in 'experiment' stage at the moment, and may just have to go to a vote to let the people decide. (People being my two boys, as it's ultimately for them). I just love these bright colours together, and hope to share completed photo of this one tomorrow. Go and check out Alice and Raymond, there is much sweetness to see, crochet flowers, coathanger covered lovin', circles, beanies, hand warmers, oh and so much more. Make sure you say hello, she is a lovely, lovely friend.

The peek of a knitting book in the top left I have just completed the band of a beanie for my youngest that he chose the yarn and pattern for. I shall share pics during daylight, as the yarn is a lovely dark teal/blue, and won't show at night.

Thanks for stopping by my place on this Saturday election night and I hope however you are spending your evening, that it's a relaxing one. Hey, I wonder if Julia and Tony are knitting something right now while watching the counted votes clicking up on their screens. You know, sort of like catching the bus or train, waiting at the dr. surgery or as a passenger in the car. oh. . maybe they have super mario on dsi. Yes, I said Tony knitting, I don't like to associate knitting and crochet to one gender only, that's just not fair. I just hope they keep their tension correct throughout tho.

What would be the name of your party if you had one?


Lollybags said...

I think there is plenty of tension this election!
Oddly enough I am crocheting away too, I am working on a new wrap for me. I hope your boys feel better soon xo

Crochet with Raymond said...

How sweet of you to mention me in your blog Joyce! i hope you are enjoying your rainbow goodness, I can't wait to see it finished, I just love rainbows. My cushion makes me smile whenever I see it, so bright!! it almost hurts the eyes!
Yes I've been wondering aobut the whole election bizzo, we don't have a tv and I dont really listen to the radio, so I'm very out of touch with that sort of thing! I thought JG was already the PM??? Who won!

Sarah said...

Well I think a crochet party sounds much more fun than an election party any day! I do love your crochet circle. I'd love to be able to make one of those. The yarns are such lovely colours.

jo said...

I spent election night crocheting too!!! Totally agree, great colours. Cannot wait to see the finished project.

Have to say you've inspired me with the granny squares, am nearly 1/2 through a multi coloured GSR (granny square rug) with flower centers....will share once it is complete.

'Joyce' said...

Oh can't wait to see your new wrap. Alice, hmmmm, you are going to have to wait, it didn't work. lol, so wonky, will pull it apart and start again. ugg, oh well, I know what doesn't work. lol. As for election, I have no idea, haven't had tv on today, so don't know who our new PM is going to be. I am guessing it is close.
woo hoo - all in for the crochet party for sure. lol. You know, we have a fishing party here. lol, it was on the ballot paper, what a crack up.
Jo great to see some granny inspiration going round. Now you have told me about your flower centers, you MUST share. lol.