Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lurgy - the Utmost Dreaded

The sky is too blue, the sun is too bright, the birds are too loud, the air that moves around my body makes my joints ache and my head spin.

I have been drinking lots of water, eating apples and oranges, jam and toast. I don't feel like eating anything else right now. I have been taking panadol for headaches, and was advised that eucalyptus oil rubbed into the soles of my feet before I go to bed will help settle the coughing fits. I did this last night, and you know, I reckon it works. Either that or it's a subconscious 'thing', which is also ok seeing as I didn't have any coughing fits last night.

The fact that I have nursed my three boys for the last 2.5 weeks with it and up through the night with them, probably 100% percent guarantees my getting infected as well. Don't even go there with school kids and preschool kids snotty noses and *a-tishooo*ing all over the place.

I am feeling rather *ugg* and a little bit *bleugh* in between *iewww* and *yuck*. Please forgive me for hibernating the next few days until this lurgy of the utmost dreaded, passes us by.

Do you have any remedies or tricks to speed up recovery - the more natural the better. You know, things like, housework faeries, kitchen gnomes, laundry goblins, and homework wizards.

p.s. I do like honey but not in hot lemon drinks.


Crochet with Raymond said...

Poor Joyce, I can't believe you're sick again, on the heels of your last sickness...
Hope you feel much better soon and take good care of yourself XXX

jo said...

you poor thing, hope you get better soon. It's one of the "joys" of being a mum and sharing all those lovely hugs and kisses, we end up getting all their germs as well.
Only thing that seemed to help my lot with the coughing fits is sleeping slightly upright, I put one of those boomerang shaped pillows on the bed and had them lie with their heads raised on it, had no coughing fits during the night.
As for the housework, kitchen, laundry etc....just have a break and "enjoy" having an excuse not to do the chores for a couple of days :)


Miss Prudence said...

hi lovely Joyce,
here's wishing you a speedy return to optimum health! We have just survived a 24 hour vomit thingo, DH was in NZ (of course) and even I got it and man did it knock me out! Then face more kid nursing - I so get where you are. Sending you hugs in abundance....not long now :)

ps I don't love honey lemon drinks either xxx

Merchy said...

Hi Joyce, I wish you get better soon.
Drink a lot of water and rest...

Rosie said...

Poor you. I'm just at the tail end of it...coughing driving me mad... especially at 3am! Mum and I were both coughing last night (mum came to the Niche market with me) so I feel sorry for who was in the hotel room next to us! Hope that you are feeling better soon oxo

AlyshaJane said...

Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Keep nice and warm and get plenty of rest. And crochet! Crochet makes everything better! :)

Sometimes when I am getting a cold or flu, I have cheese on toast with onions, the onions seem to chase off the bugs some of the time. My other trick is to make a drink with hot water, chilli, a cinnamon stick, thyme, lemon juice, garlic (and honey), maybe a couple of cloves. It makes you sweat but I always feel better after. I figure the mixture makes the bugs think I am crazy and they skedaddle off somewhere else. hehe

Mrs Twins said...

It's going around over here too!
Wishing you a speedy recovery Joyce,
hugs and love Suex

Annie said...

Eucalyptus oil on the soles of your feet is very effective! I mixed some honey and some vinegar together (about 50/50)and put it into a jar and grabbeda teaspoon (or two) whenever the coughing started - very soothing! Plain honey is good too. And yes, lots of water to flush out the toxins! Hope you are feeling better soon!

'Joyce' said...

Thank you so much for your love and thoughts. Bless you all. Miss Prudence, oh my goodness, I hope your household is all well now. It's one thing having a sick household, but when the Mumma gets it - things are certainly grim. Get well soon. xx
Rosie, yes, yes, yes! Re the coughing, it's horrid, although I have been putting eucalyptus oil on the soles of my feet each night, and you know, I reckon it works. Hubbie hasn't been and he has been coughing alot more than I. However, I have earache and he doesn't, so maybe we have different strains of the virus. Get well soon to you and your Mum. It's not a good feeling at all. You have been so busy as well. xx
Mrs Twins, keep away, I say keep away from the coughing, gosh, I hope you don't get it. I haven't done any squares since I have been unwell, I don't want to infect the yarn to post to you. Take care. xx
Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and remedies. I so miss you all and I so miss my crochet, I so miss jigsaw puzzles with my boys, I miss everything. xx