Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Book Week Parade To You

The making of a star.

Lots of little 'pincer' action in fly making

Dingo from Wombat Stew, complete with cooking pot full of water, splashes of mud, only the finest emu feathers, 100 flies (we were approx 58 short), slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies, and of course you just cannot make wombat stew without gumnuts.

The little boy from How To Catch A Star.

Remember I was making ears and crochet bugs? well this is what they were for. Our book week parade. Oh I just love this time of year, it's coming to the end of winter, halfway through what I reckon is the toughest term of the school year, and we have this little burst of fun to look forward to. The teachers dress up, the kids dress up, it's wonderful.

I love seeing the individuality of the children come through their characters. For this one day, they can be the character they so love and read about over and over again. It's totally their choice, they are free to step into the shoes of their heros, their favourite dog eared little book, that they know the story of from cover to cover. (Except when you have a cheeky little fellow, who on the morning of the parade decides to tell everyone he is a monkey. lol. Monkey is right. That he certainly is, and no costume needed.)

Ok to explain the process of book week at our place, when the first note comes home from school the boys head to their bookcases and begin their selection. It's a very serious business you know, there are many favourite books. They then bring out a 'short list' although my youngest had to go back a few extra times to reduce, and then reduce again his 'short list', even after I explained to him what a 'short list' was. Finally I think he got down to 7 books.

We then read the books over the next few nights, talking about characters they like and why they like them. A few more books are then put aside, and we narrow it down to the final choice. A list is made of supplies needed for chosen character, and we go through items already at home. A shopping list is made for items we need and it's off to the shops. Yes, they come with me, it's their parade and their character, I told you it's a whole process here.
Putting the props together is so much fun, I love this time with my boys, one day it will just be a sweet memory. There was no painting involved this year for us, but still lots of fun scrunching papers and messing about with glue. I did the sewing of Dingo, however, my little fellow told me what pants to take my pattern from and how long and fat he required the tail to be. The beauty of this is, the pants he loves and will get lots of wear out of this summer as beach pants. (woo hoo says Mummy)

It was then off to school full of excitement. It was wonderful, the parade is between Kindy, year 1 and year 2 students. They had the most wonderful morning, and they looked fabulous.
The quadrangle is a huge rainbow burst of book love.

Ahhhh, for the love of books!

Now tell me, if you were invited to participate in a book parade, who would you dress as?
(I would like to be Russell from Russell and the Lost Treasure, Patricia or Amelia Jane.)
Go on tell me, I would love to know.


Mrs Twins said...

What fun you are having Joyce!
I'm loving these photos!
Hugs Suex
OOh thanks for stopping by. x

Crochet with Raymond said...

what a cute post joyce! I hope you all had lots of fun and your wee boys had a break from the hardships of school for the day!!!
I'm not letting you off the hook with the mandala, I want to know what you're doing with that elastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Mrs Twins, oh I just love the squares that are being delivered to your place. I actually have a few more here to send to you as well.
lol Hullo Alice, looks like you are going to unhook me now. lol. I have taken photos this morning and put up my latest creation. All thanks to you and your beautiful mandala tutorial. I have been wanting to give these little seats covers ever since we bought them, and had plans for fabric, but these are just soooooo much nicer and my boys love them. Oh to see their faces when I put them all together. I want to make little coasters to match now. What do you think? Do you like them? xx