Monday, August 2, 2010

Eyebrows, just who is responsible and why?

Whose big idea was the eyebrow anyhow?? I know, I know, to stop the driplets of sweat getting in ones eyes. . . . yes. . . . true. . . . apparently. Also, the eyebrow helps detect any small specs of debris which may enter the eye.

So ok, that's great, really, the eyebrow is a very busy part of our body, every single day, all day, working hard to keep out the specs, making sure the sweat diverts away from the eye, and showing surprise when surprise due.

*Phew* and all this, without us even thinking about this little hairy, busy wonder that sits so quietly and functioning away all on its lonesome above our peek-a-boos.

So now tell me, why the heck do women feel the desire to pluck the crap out of that little curved line of hair that looks after our eyes so well all day, every day, without us even knowing they are there, looking surprised when surprised is required, keeping away the debris and sweat and protecting our eyes? Hmmmm, I am one of those women, and with dark hair and lots of eyebrow, I seem to be tidying and plucking and *ouching* and yet I still seem to end up with alot of eyebrow. Since having no fringe of hair to hide behind, it's even more time consuming sorting them out. Don't even go there with keeping them even, that is a whole other post.

My Mum has the BEST eyebrows, they are just so lovely, so perfect, and she doesn't touch them. Not fair, not fair at all. Actually my Mum has such a beautiful face all over now that I think of it. She has the loveliest eyes, sort of a pretty almond shape, they turn a little 'up' at the corner, just a perfect natural shape. Her eyebrows sit perfectly evenly above her eyes, she also has dark hair, but for some reason her eyebrows are so lovely and neat and don't look too dark at all.

*Sigh* which doesn't at all help me with my little, looking-surprised-when-surprised-is-required,-keeping-out-debris-and-sweat-from-my-eyes,-eyebrows. I really don't like them very much at all, but I don't want to go saying anything too loud, otherwise they just may stop doing their job and well, you know, let in the debris and sweat, and not look surprised at that momentous surprise looking required time.

So back to the tweezers it is for me, there isn't quite enough there to take myself to the beauty parlour to get sorted, however, there is just enough that I really need to do a little 'housekeeping' if you know what I mean.

After a little research, I have not necessarily found out who is responsible, but I do now know why they are there. If you would like to delve deeper into the understandings of the quiet life of the very busy and humble eyebrow click here for the goss. For some pictures of eyebrows over the years, you can click on here, and if you are curious about a little history then here is where you need to go.

How do YOU eyebrow?


Shaz :) said...

ROFL! You are I are soooo much alike its scary! This is something I would write about at random lol! Love you to bits mwah! I'm blonde but still need to pluck my eyebrows at times - well when I get around to it. Ouch though...!
Shaz :)

Posy Linda said...

Absolutely hilarious, Joyce. Thanks for the links too. I've always wondered about eyebrows and their role in this world. Take it easy...

Lollybags said...

My eye brows have gotten me into so much trouble it isn't funny. They have a life of their own, my right one is very arched and well behaved but the left one is petulant and does what ever it likes making plucking a pain in the ... face.
They also like to do really cool tricks without my input, Like one of them being able to raise when it find things questionable yet when I want it too it won't move. Or when I am really feeling the urge to biff someone (usually a stranger who has just performed a major act of stupidity) and they raise so high my sister calls it "the Jack Nicholson look" yet when I try to recreate it I look like I need the bathroom...quickly. At least eyebrows make life interesting unlike that lazy armpit hair that never gets the hint that it is not wanted

Crochet with Raymond said...

Well well! you have been doing your research!
I hate plucking eyebrows....
It makes me sneeze like crazy.... big huge sneezes!
How are you feeling now Joyce? Perhaps a treat-trip to the beauty parlour to fix your brows and have some healing pampering has been earned over the last week?? :)
I think so...... Have a lovely day XX

'Joyce' said...

lol - oh it's so good to hear I am normal. lol, my blog is my little journal place to come and chat to myself, it's a little record of where I have been, what I am making and also what I am thinking. Something to read back on in years to come and wonder 'what the !!' lol. Something for my boys to read on in years to come and probably just wonder how crazy their mother was. Alice, yes, I also sneeze and get watery eyes, wow, its a horrid task and there seems to be no thanks because no sooner have you plucked, the darn little things grow back. lol oh Lauren, i cant stop laughing now. ugg - armpit hair, now don't get me started there. . . . you know that's a whole 'sweat gathering-soaking up hair forest' too. Oi, the strange things that are attached to make up our bodies.

Thanks for the giggles. Bless.