Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

*mehh* I would rather be cooking. Nowhere near pretty or decorative or exciting this Tuesday after our long weekend. It's my cleaning house, and 'determined to get some study done' day. The cleaning house bit is fine, that's easy, methodical, ritual, every Tuesday job. I have done the bathrooms, washing on the line, kids to school, bolt home removed washing from line, (impending black clouds), strewn over backs of chairs to finish drying, another load out of machine, bolt up to shops to get groceries, back home and unpacked, washing still draped over chairs (so glad I come home and brought it in, we had a downpour), ugg, I have a dryer but I dislike using it.

So now the study bit. Yes, section 2, made sweeter with a cup of Camomile tea in one of my favourite mugs. I have a few fave mugs/tea cups, and I like to share the love by giving them all a turn. I don't even have any cake/slice to go with my cuppa today. Things are grim, that's for certain.

What is on your table this Tuesday?


angelina said...

yes, here we have black clouds hanging and kids waiting to go back to school. cold. soon, a walk to the library, chemist, post office. fathers day in america is soon! have a good one joyce!

AlyshaJane said...

Yum, camomile tea! Do you like any other herbal teas? I quite like rosehip, too.

Hope you had a good day and the study was fun and not too boring! :)

Anonymous said...

On my table today... NO STUDY!!! I handed in a huge assignment today which heralds the end of the pressure for a wee while!!! Still lots of pressure and field work, but no impending essays. I know you'll appreciate that. Crochetville... here I come (guilt free!)

'Joyce' said...

Hi Angelina, oh I love the library, we are going to bombard our library in the school holidays soon. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads in America. We celebrate it in September here.
Hi Alysha, Oh I am going to have to give the rosehip tea a go now. Study, bleugh!! lol, oh well, it's gotta be done.
Hi Alice, WOO HOO - what a great feeling, I can feel your joy from here through the keyboard. lol. toot toot, all aboard the crochet-train. lol. That is what's getting me through my study, as soon as I get this unit done, I can crochet til the next one comes through. lol. Enjoy!