Monday, June 14, 2010

Green, Blue and Brown. . . . and, Counting Down.

Above handwarmers - crochet by me with 2 x 8ply yarn in a beige and blue.
No shape at all. 28 chain x 16 rows of treble. Leave a gap for thumb when sewing up seam.
(Next pair I make will be circular with shaping)

I did not realise until just now, how awesomely those beautiful colours of nature go so well together. Until I loaded these photos and thought of my Title, I realised the colours in all of them are the same. I love my camera and often discover something new in the picture after I have taken it. A camera course is on my list of 'to do', but it doesn't stop me playing in the meantime.

Something else I learnt over the weekend, I cannot wait for the school holidays, well actually, it's not really something I learnt, the yearning is just stronger now. It's something that I spend each and every school term counting down to. I love the school holidays, I love the days spent with my boys, lazing at home, down to the park, beach walks, snuggled on the lounge. Just our days together, no agenda, no clocks, no school. The long weekend has been a tease for me, giving me just a little more, but now we ready ourselves for a new week, a short week (hooray), but still a new week. On the bright side, a new week closer to the holidays for us.

We went away in our little caravan, (secretly, it's more like a little dolls house on wheels for me - shhhh, don't tell my boys that!) days spent hanging out with friends, watching the kids play soccer, cricket, riding bikes, walking. There was no reading, and there were no beach walks this weekend, but there was plenty of everything else, including rain. There were so many kids to play with and I love this so much about going away in the caravan. It has a huge community feel about it, especially when you know most of the other families there, however, you can still chill out and be alone when needed as well.

oh and we even snuggled up together at 4am to watch our Socceroos get beat by the very talented Germany, 4-0. There was no way we weren't going to see it live.
I hope your long weekend was heartwarming.


Kel said...

Oooh those hand warmers look good ... they are on my to-do list. My laptop is aluminium and my wrists are freezing if I type for too long!

Anonymous said...

Loving the handwarmers...
I think what I find heartwarming is reading you talk about how much you love your boys and enjoy spending time with them... so many parents are not like that and your boys are so lucky to have such a wonderful warmhearted kind soul for a mum!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Kel and Alice, thanks so much for your comments. Oh they are just so lovely and warm (wearing them right now) and I have more to make. These ones are a little bulky, so the next lot will be same length but fitted more at the wrist and top of fingers, which will allow me to wear them when doing my crochet. I forgot to mention that I used a 5mm crochet hook to make these also.
Oh Alice, thank you, I miss my boys terribly when they are at school. It's such a long day, no matter how busy I am. I would love to kidnap my family and pack up our caravan and 'run away'.

AlyshaJane said...

Your handwarmers are gorgeous! You have a real talent! Love the texture and colours that you chose.

Yay for family camping and adventures :)

'Joyce' said...

lol thanks Alysha, the are a little 'crude' hubbie pulls a very strange face when he sees me wearing them, but I reckon he is secretly jealous. lol.