Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - click here)

Alt text this is the upcycling symbol.

Last year I finished my term on the board at my children's preschool. I loved being on the committee, I loved fundraising, I loved learning about how a preschool works, and I so love the staff that worked so hard to make the preschool the wonderful little community body it is. When I finished up, myself and some of the other parents on the committee that were also leaving, were gifted some beautiful thank you presents from the staff. They were so totally wrapped with love and the above card is made from some of the wrapping and ribbon that adorned my beautiful present. I actually made 7 greeting cards from this beautiful floral shimmer paper. It was only a band around the gift, as the gift was wrapped in pure white glossy wrap and this band of floral went all the way around, as well as the lovely satin ribbon. (I would so love a wrap skirt in this pattern that I could wear with a lime green top.)

I just could NOT paper box this paper for the recycling bin, what a horrid thing to do to such pretty paper. So it went into my stash box, as I just knew it would be perfect for a card to send my love through the mail.

What have you upcycled lately, I would love to see.


AlyshaJane said...

How beautiful! The colours are gorgeous and I love how you added the ribbon. Pretty upcycling, indeed. You've inspired me to get out all the paper I have saved and make some cards - top idea Joyce! :)

Kel said...

Hmm that really WOULD be nice as a skirt ... paper dolls dressup time methinks! LOL!

It's funny that you should write about this today as I have just spent the afternoon 'upcycling' old pants and t-shirts of ours into pants for my 16 month old son. I made a few pairs from old christmas work promotion t-shirts of my mum's, a soft cotton pair out of my favourite 3/4 pants that tore in the back, and two pairs from a pair of tracksuit pants that didn't fit me (ok so this one isn't exactly upcycling; the pants were brand new but I figured by making them into two pairs of pants I'm saving my money going to China again if I had to buy two pairs for my son!)

'Joyce' said...

ohhh Alysha, can't wait to see what you create. I really need to get into my studio and get more cards made too, I have a few birthdays coming up.
Kel, I love your idea of paper dolls dress up time, what a fun idea. We used to cut out fabrics and coloured papers and stick to card and draw the people around the clothing. Hmmmm, maybe we should revisit that project in the holidays.
How awesome that you have been upcycling too. Yes, totally agree on saving the pennies for sure. Your little fellow will be snuggly warm in his new gear this winter now, and you have space in your wardrobe, saved a pile of fabric from becoming landfill AND you have some cash in your purse. It's a trifecta! lol.