Monday, June 28, 2010

Itty Bitty Pancakes

I am unable to share the recipe for these pancakes, sorry about that, however, if you google it, you will find many varieties to suit your preferences. I don't even know where I got my recipe from, we have had it so long.

What I can share with you is what my little monkeys just love, love, love for afternoon tea after a busy day at school.

Today we had 3 itty bitty pancakes (you can do pikelets, they are lighter than the pancake mixture) with fresh strawberries on top and drizzled with maple syrup. ohhhhh yummy, oh and not the fake maple syrup either, the really good, gooey REAL maple syrup. I know, it's a little more $$ than the 'pretend' stuff, but oh so much more worth it to savour the real thing.

Sweetness to you.


TK said...

I am not a lover of pancakes BUT my Maxie adores them....he is a maple syrup kinda guy & oh yes it has to be the REAL stuff.....Your superb itty bitty pancakes reminded me, Nigella Lawson does a fab ricotta pancake recipe - which I do love....lighter & meltier (yes I made up this word, I write so I can!!!) some how & it is DIVINE with strawberries!!! Actually I may do it after Max finishes Auskick tomorrow night!! Thanks Joyce!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hi! I popped in to see what you've been up to over the weekend but no news since last thursday! Must admit I missed my joyce updates a smidgen!!!!! have a lovely day :)

'Joyce' said...

hi TK - oh yummy those ricotta pancakes sound fabulous.

Hi Alice and Raymond - oh I have been missing you also, it's truly horrid this study stuff - my fingers are itching to get into all my yarn, I have soooo many things to make. I am missing chatting to all my wonderful blog friends and keeping updated with all the crafty loveliness. Only 3 more sleeps til school breaks - woo hoo - I can't wait.