Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

There is not alot on my table this Tuesday. Actually other than this little treat I spoilt myself with just now, there is nothing on my table at all this Tuesday. I haven't been home until now, and just sat down to eat this, when I realised 'It's table Tuesday - what's on yours!'

I cannot share the recipe for this cake, its an orange cake with orange, coconut icing. What I can share with you, is the fact that it's very quick to make and tastes yummy, but I suppose that doesn't really help you at your place much at all.

I am a little sad today, we farewell a little family as they move on to a new home and a new town. I had coffee with the mum and other friends this morning before my meeting, and I am really quite going to miss her. Her children attend school with my children, and although we know, we will still always be in touch, it's not the everyday miniscule things we will share, which usually end up being the little things that give us a giggle for our day or make us feel we are doing ok or it's not just my children that are going through that 'stage'.

We wish her and her little family all the love and joy they so rightly deserve, and send with them a little bit of our hearts as they travel the road south to their new home.

On that note, I am outta here, I have an idea.

I always believe when one door closes, then it opens another, yes, the door to my little itty bitty brain has just *pinged* like the oven timer - open.

*giggle*, so what is on your table this Tuesday.


TK said...

Why don't you send them an envelope with a heart from each of you...made out of paper, doilies, crochet!!!!, or anything like that...I am sure your dear friends would love it!!! Happy last 3 days of school - we are counting it down in our house!!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Well Joyce! your cake looks very nice BTW!
On my table today is a laod of coloured paper and glue and fun makey things... I am creating a new collage which I pin above our bed... I write lovely things and wonderful things I want to create into my life such as happiness, joy, abundance, healing, etc etc etc then every night, we read them before we go to sleep and get filled with all that goodness! So it is an important task! And lots of fun to make! Sad your friends are leaving... it's so hard when people leave our life isn't it?

TK said...

I love this idea above.....how soothing....

'Joyce' said...

TK - wow, great minds . . . .,yes, I am going to send them a little box of hugs and kisses from us. lol, it's a school holidays project. I am also going to make something else to gift them all as well, but promise to share later this week.

Alice, how wonderful is your collage, what a beautiful project, oh I really think we should do same in the holidays too. Yes, a very important task to keep us 'real'. To drift off to sleep with thoughts of goodness, and growth - surely sweet dreams to come from this little ritual each night. Thank you for sharing. I do so love it.

AlyshaJane said...

Oooh! This is what I love about blogs - so many fabulously inspiring people and ideas! After reading your post Joyce, and then the lovely comments on it, I am inspired to bake and then make some lovely gifts and a collage as mentioned above. How lovely! :)