Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feeling Grainey.

Apologies for grainey pics above, it's the best I could do for now, it matches the feeling inside my head and the weather out my window. It's a grainey type of day today.

Thank you to my very generous family for sharing this horrid head that I have this week. I am really feeling the cold today and it's not because I have no hair. However, moving right along, I have managed to finish my cowl/wrap/neck thing. lol, I really should give it a name, hmmmm, how about Ruby, yes, I like Ruby. Hi Ruby, welcome to my home and thanks for keeping me warm today.

The reason I made Ruby is that I am really, really, really feeling the cold on my neck and shoulders this winter, possibly as I have no hair, and also possibly cause it's just got quite cold here. I love my scarves, but am finding I am just wrapping them around and around my neck like a huge skivvy thing, which is fine, but then I thought if I just make a rectangle and joined the ends together to make a loop, then it would just sit around my neck and I wouldn't have any of the 'dangles' like a scarf which is painful when vacuum cleaner hose seems to spend alot of time fighting with my scarf ends rather than concentrating on the floor. Also after making my Mobius wrap, which I love, I wanted something the same, but smaller, and not 'mobius'.

I still do want to make the one that is in the Family Circle magazine (Winter 2010 issue), as they are so lovely and warm and do the job of a beanie and scarf in one go.

If you want to make Ruby, instructions are as follows, I can share this, because Ruby is my own recipe.

I used Patons Mist approx 1.5 balls. This was at Spotlight for $3.00 per ball (40% off - yay!).
I cast on 100 stitches using 5mm needles and just stocking stick (one row plain, one row purl) up the 1.5 balls. The finished rectangle measures 54cms wide x 88cms long. The sides curl in which is the look I wanted. This yarn is so very very soft and pretty. Made up of 50% tencel and 50% acrylic. I know, it's not the pure stuff, but if you want the pure stuff, go get it.

As you can see by the photos you can wear it different ways. Another way is to have it like a hood over your head, which is how I am wearing it right now, but with my puffy eyes, and black shadows under them, well, no, not sharing a photo of me today.

Please, if you make this, let me know, I would love to see your creations and how they turn out and how they keep you warm.

I hope you don't get the grainey at your place today.


angelina said...

i love it. i need one i'm freezing!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Angelina, oh thank you. Please make one, I would love to see how yours turns out and Yes, it's so lovely and warm.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely! Shall I add it to my list of "things I want to make!"