Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's My Grandma, In A Scarf.

I know I talk about my Grandma alot, and here is why. I miss her. She is with me every single day. I see bits of her in my boys, especially my youngest. I see lots of her in my Mum. As I get older, I hear things she would say. Alot of fabrics I see lately, I see my Grandma loving them. The bold florals and big designs. Probably because alot of the vintage styles are quite big right now too.

I know this crochet pattern above is now called 'Chevron', however, I have always called it Grandma's zig zag, cause that is what she used to crochet (along with the granny squares). I don't recall anyone else I knew that had in their white valiant car with the red upholstery, over every seat and back, crochet zig zag seat covers and knee rugs. Oh and if I remember back far enough, listening to Rod Stewart. She also loved Foster and Allen and The Birdie Song.

Grandma loved to dance, she would dance in the louge room, kitchen, you name it, she danced to it and sang at the same time. As a kid, our school holidays were spent at the farm with her and Pop and we loved it. I remember my sister and I would sleep in the lounge room when they lived at the Abottoir in Goulburn, and at Christmas with all the house decorated, I used to freak out, cause the decorations in the dark looked quite monstrous, and I would swear they were moving closer and closer to me.

Grandma and Pop's house would whistle in winter with the wind howling and I always associate the wood fires burning today, with images of Grandma and Pop and the places they lived in. That smell instantly takes me back to being a skinny kid on the farm during my holidays.

In her later years, Grandma used to knit those fancy aran jumpers I think they were called. You know the creamy coloured jumpers with the beautiful cable patterns up the front of them. She knitted for a woman that lived in Sydney from memory, and owned a shop at the Rocks. Apparently the tourists were quite mad for these jumpers and Grandma always had an aran jumper on her needles. I had not long finished school and was working I think and I used to marvel that MY Grandma was making these jumpers that would be bought from tourists to travel all the way back to Japan, Europe etc. Wow! They were beautiful works of art too.

When I pulled this yarn out, I saw my Grandma and her aran jumpers. I am no where near as talented as my Grandma. So to keep it simple for me, I will crochet my scarf with her famous zig zag pattern instead.

Once I have it going, I will share the recipe with you, just need to tweak the edges as I can't seem to keep them straight.


AlyshaJane said...

What a touching post, lovely memories! Your crochet scarf looks fab. I envy you being able to crochet, I can never make sense of it.

My grandma used to crochet too, the thing I remember her using most was a little metal wheel that made flowers. I was always fascinated and thought her very clever. :)

helena / little mo said...

i think grandma will be very proud and happy:) this is lovely dear:) xoxox

Kirsty said...

& that is what it's all about. The making, the memories & the making of new memories. x

'Joyce' said...

Thank you so much Alysha, Helena and Kirsty. Alysha, I am totally intrigued by the little metal wheel your Grandma had. Do you have anything she made with it? Scarf almost done, just need to get rid of headache and I will share the recipe for it.

AlyshaJane said...

It's called a Daisy Wheel. I came across one in Lincraft recently. It came with instructions but I still haven't quite figured it out! It looks like the Birch one on this loom site: <-- great site for patterns and info btw

'Joyce' said...

Alysha, oh my goodness, I know what you are talking about. I have something similar from Bucilla. Thanks so much for passing that website onto me. I started making a blue scarf from some wool scraps, but I just didn't get right into it. I prefer to use a crochet hook. Now, I am off to find my little scarf. Will post a pic of it. I wanted to make a scarf from the flowers off it. You know what, I think I might just get back into it again.