Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Yes, share with me each Tuesday, what is on your dining table, right now, this moment. Get your camera, go to your dining table and share with me what you have on there NOW! - - - - Go on, get going and show me, I want to see what's at your place today.

I have been feeling 'ugg' today, but have managed to get lots done in my very slow sluggish way. Thanks to my darling family for passing on the headcoldy thingy that is annoying me right now, but I WON"T GIVE IN TO YOU - no I will NOT - shoo you pesky beast, shoo!!

I can't sleep during the day, it makes my head feel worse, so I have been on the move, stripping beds, cleaning and trying to get my 'tuesday' done and out of the way, and I am getting there.

These gerbera's are from my garden, yes, they are still flowering, and they just make me smile. I haven't picked any for indoors until today, I just needed something little to make me smile and this was it for me today. As for my pumpkin, well it was there already. I don't like to shove him aside and I think they look good together on my table.

Come on, I am waiting, I want to see what is on your table today, are you working on something big? Are you having a cuppa? Just leave a comment and your link, so I can check out your table.

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