Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shave for a Cure - Zero Sleeps To Go.

The first snip of sectioned hair. This felt so strange.

ok, so all hair sections have now been snipped off, and here is me holding my hair. It's strange looking at my hair bunched so neatly in my hand. Didn't realise it was different shades of brown. Kinda pretty actually, should make a nice wig. Don't laugh, it's normally attached to my head, so I don't really get to see it myself. lol.

I had my eyes closed when the clippers come out, for two reasons, my hairdresser told me to shut my eyes, and also, oh gosh, it felt so darn good and relaxing. But then I love getting my head massaged or hair washed.

I just love this photo, what a perfect moment for me, I was spun around to the mirror and the first thing I thought was 'how ultra-small is my head!!' I couldn't stop laughing. I just looked too funny.

Thank you to Dan (left) who is my hairdresser and did my shave, and Thank you to Mitch (right) the owner of Mullet Hair, who did the lot for free AND gave me a cheque for $200.00 to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation, all because he dared me to go from a #2 to a #1. Too easy, especially for such an awesome donation.


My One Brown Mouse said...

Gosh Frances! Huge effort on your behalf! Well Done!

P.s next project for you might be knitting a beanie! :)

'Joyce' said...

lol, correct you are, I have a few experiments on needles at the moment, but nothing finished as yet. I am finding it's the back of my neck that feels the cold, so scarves are the go for me this week so far. Thanks for stopping by.

Alysha said...

Wow, how awesome of you! You look fabulous! :)

'Joyce' said...

oh Alysha, you are so kind, thank you.