Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mine, mine, mine, mine. . . .

Shhhhh, it's secret belated birthday cake cooking time. It's also secret me gets to lick the bowl and beaters cause my little monkeys are at school time. *giggling* shhhh, I feel so naughty, cause I don't have to share any of it.

My brother is coming down for the next two nights, and his birthday was only two weeks ago, so I thought we could have cake and candles, cause we don't get to do birthdays much anymore with all of us living so spread out.

Oh and here is Mummy's little friend in the kitchen, Miss Pink. My big boy got her for me when my darling little Minnie was born and I don't think I could live without her. You know, it was such a good investment, cause they are actually about $200.00 dearer now than when I got mine. lol, should have bought a few of them, you know, like blocks of land. I could have a kitchenaid portfolio.

I hope you have a choccie lickin' delish day at your place.


Shaz :) said...

Oooooooh she is on my wish list of things iwould looooove to get one day. Lucky you got yours at such a wonderful price coz they ate sooo expensive now. Lucky it's still free to dream!!! Have fun and think yourself lucky I'm not closer or you'd be sharing the beater and bowl with me hehehe!!!!!
Hugz, Shaz :)

'Joyce' said...

lol Shaz, would love to share my beaters with you anytime you are up this way. Hmmmm, yummy cakes to share. Miss Pink is my little mate in the kitchen. She mixes quiche, cakes, biscuits, you name it, she pretty much does it. Oh and playdoh as well. lol.