Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mobius Wrap

Love it, love it, just love, love, love it. My new knitted Mobius Wrap. Yep, all finished and being worn by me right this very moment, and I want to make another one. So snuggly and warm at my neck and over the shoulders. Another project completed.

I haven't done my usual Friday update of wip's this week with my shave and having my beautiful brother here, but will get back into it next Friday.

I tried to face the wrap towards the window light, to give you the best view of the texture of the yarn, however, is still hard to see. You will have to just believe me when I tell you it's a lovely two-colour yarn of a very dark chocolate with an almost caramel colour running through it. Called Patons Inca.

Have you managed to finish one of your wip's this week??


Jennifer said...

God bless you!!! The head the shrug..perfection!!

'Joyce' said...

Thank you Jennifer, sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I have just noticed I had a heap of comments. lol. A bit slow this old girl is. I am hoping to make another wrap/cowl thing-y soon, bought some lovely wool today for it.