Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leukaemia Foundation - Shave for a Cure Update.

Hey, stop laughing, I LOVE this hat!! Ok so here it is, I have six, yes, only SIX more sleeps with this hair of mine before it is snipped from my head, carefully bound and wrapped and sent to the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation to be made into a wig for children who suffer Alopecia.

I have reached my target of $2,000.00, but am going for gold!! You can help me, just head over to my shave page by clicking on the 'Leukaemia Foundation - My Shave for a Cure Page' to the right of my blog to make a donation however small is very much appreciated.

I have been asked 'are you scared'. Well to be honest, yes, I am scared, I am scared I am going to freak my boys out, despite the fact that my shave is taking place after school, and they will be there to see it happen, I am scared that the Alopecia Foundation find they can't use my hair to make a wig for a little child, I am scared that I won't raise the much needed funds to help other families even in just a very small way to bring some comfort to them and their family in finding a cure for Leukaemia, or giving them extra nursing staff to make their treatment a little more comforting to them and their family, or to give them a much needed and funded break from it all with a small holiday together. I am scared that I found another grey hair this morning and am hoping there are no more until after my shave. I am scared that I may be judged by my decision to do this.

On the other side of 'scared', I am excited too, excited that my hair is finally long enough to do this, excited that one day a cure may well be found for Leukaemia, excited that I have finally 'arrived' at my destination, excited that a child will have a wig of my hair to wear to school and be 'normal' and accepted by their classmates, excited, that through the love and support of all my wonderful family and friends, despite the laughing you will do of me, of which you have paid for so generously and of which I shall allow you to laugh because of your wonderful donations, I was able to have the strength to go through with this. Excited that I am still just 'me' whether I have long hair, or no hair.

After all, it really is just hair.


Michelle Jamieson said...

Good on you, Frances!
I wish you all the very best this week, with losing your hair for such a wonderful cause!!

Chelle Xx

'Joyce' said...

Thanks so much Chelle, not long to go now.