Monday, May 10, 2010

Felt-y Finger Puppets

My little fellow just loves his little 'treasures'. He has found his felt finger puppets, that he and big brother made last winter. I made the bag, and the boys made the finger puppets out of goggle eyes, pom pom balls and scraps of felt. This is only about 1/2 the collection of puppets they have made. As you can see we are missing 1 of the 3 little pigs, gosh, I hope the big bad wolf didn't get him after all!! I cut out and sewed the dinosaurs but for the rest of them, they did the hair, mouths, moustache, noses etc. We had such a wonderful time putting them together, and I managed to deplete alot of felt scraps that needed a new home. I just love felt, it is so very handy for so many things. At the moment, I am using felt on alot of my greeting cards, it just gives that extra texture and softness.

Did you find something today that you made ages ago, that your little ones still treasure and love to play with??

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