Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday WIP and a completed project!

Well look at that, I have a finished project!! Woo hoo says me, and woo hoo says my big boy. He loves his cammo rug above and I love that he loves it. Last night was actually cool enough that he used it, and this morning it had been dragged out from his room and he was snuggling on the lounge with it. Awwww, that's my fav part, the comfort that a bunch of yarn brings, so simply.

Now for the WIP's (work in progress) - my little fellows rainbow rug, and yes, I have done about 5.5 rows on that this week, thanks to waiting in the car each afternoon for the school bell to go.

Middle photo is my Mobius Wrap that I started only last night, I just love this yarn, Patons Inca. Looking forward to bundling myself into this when finished.

Last photo is my beanie. My dark green beanie, that keeps losing stitches from each end of the needles, that takes so long to knit up by this gawky, unco chic. I have blu tac here to plug each end of my needles while I am not knitting them, don't laugh, I don't know what else to use. I fear the amount of holes I may find in my beanie, but I am determined to see it finished. I have 7 sleeps to go until I do my shave for a cure and this beanie needs to be, and I really mean, needs to be finished, cause baby it's cold outside.

As for the granny squares rug and placemats I shared last Friday . . . . they haven't been touched, however, my first unit for my studies is almost complete, the soccer club got a newsletter typed and distributed, my son had a coach this week, the washing is done, the floors and bathrooms are lovely and clean, I helped the kindy Monday reading group get through all their sight words and readers, I had a ball on Wednesday in the classroom with my little group of students, I celebrated all Mums at the school mass this morning, I shared a cycle class with a dear friend on Tuesday, and I spent some wonderful moments with those I love, in person, via email and over the phone this week. Oh and I also managed to shave my legs this week, despite the fact that, no, I did even go out (other than a meeting). *phew* it's been a wonderful week.

Have a lovely Friday evening and I hope you find a thrill just from getting something small done this week too.

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