Friday, May 7, 2010

Cellophane hearts, and tissue flowers - Sunday is a very special day.

It's a scurry and a hurry in our house this afternoon when home from school. Oh gosh - the secrecy, the excitement, the 'eeeeiiii quick, here she comes' and the 'don't touch my schoolbag!' Oh do you love it, do you just love the few minutes home from school and that almost desperate longing that you DO actually get a peek in the school bag, and DO actually see the coloured card/cellophane, handmade flower/photo frame made with such love come flying out of the bag, right in front of you, however, you are NOT allowed to see it.

Then there is the little gift purchased with the warm sweaty coins that have been held by little fingers aching to go shopping since they were given the money this morning before school.

When it's their turn at the shopping table, they wander up and down, picking up presents, putting them back again, not sure what to get, but each year after the gift is unwrapped, the story of exactly why that special gift was chosen is told and where they had been hiding it over the weekend, so sure and innocent that there is just no way we would ever have stumbled upon it at all.

I love being a Mum, I love my Mum. I love the very moment my boys were born, I love the Mum's I have met, just from being a Mum, I love the love my boys give me, for just being.

Happy Mothers Day Mums.

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