Monday, May 3, 2010

Joycie, you are a bad, bad girl!!

Seriously, do you blame me!! Just look at these lovely patterns and oh the colours of these yarns, and besides, it's not MY fault, I mean spotlight sent me the brochure telling me they had 25% off all yarn and books over the weekend PLUS a knitting party, I mean - really - the nerve of them, how dare they have a knitting party!!

I actually didn't think I would get there, we were so busy on the Saturday with soccer commitments, there just didn't seem to be enough minutes to spare. However, I managed a space of 1.5 hours of freedom after we had lunch to nip up there and adopt some homeless balls of wool. They just looked so sad and forlorn sitting on the shelf. 'Pick me, pick me' they squeaked as I walked past. oh my little darlings, how can I resist!

I did also manage to sit for a few minutes with the group and did a few rows of knitting for squares to be donated for charity rugs. Then I shared my very, very basic knowledge of crochet to a few ladies who would be the same age as my Grandma. (Bless her, wish she was still around, I miss her terribly.)

Well here I am, more stash to make up, don't you just love it!! I know, I know, Joyce is excited about balls of wool!! What a sad, sad little person she is.

The first pic is of a lovely wrap which in the book is referred to a Mobius Wrap, now I have never heard of the word 'Mobius' before until I googled it. Hmmmm interesting, you learn something new every day, truly you do. The yarn pictured is my choice for my wrap. This wrap will come in very handy seeing as in just under 2 weeks time I will have a shaved head, so my neck, shoulders and back will be feeling the 'nakedness'.

Picture number 2 is of a felted beanie that I cast on last night. Yikes, are you kidding me, how on earth is a left-handed gawky fingered Joycie supposed to balance those 4 double-ended knitting needles whilst creating a knitted beanie AND keeping tension correct!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh stop laughing now please, like I said above about learning something new everyday. *phew* scary stuff, but I promise to show you end result, whether it resembles picture in book or not. Besides, with my shaved noggin, it's going to be cold outside baby, and I gotta try and keep warm. Once knitted up, this is 'felted' by washing either by hand or machine. I am looking forward to the experiment.

Picture 3 is of some lovely colours that I liked together to make a granny rug, of which I bought 4 of each colour. I do have a plan tho, it's only a plan inside my head that looks quite pretty, so let's just see if the 'plan' resembles at all the real deal when I get to it. I want to make granny squares, 1 round of each colour, finishing off each granny square in white, then once all the squares are joined, doing a border in 1 round of each of the 3 colours to give it a sort of patchwork look. Hmmmm, if you could see the picture I have in my head it would just be so easy, but you can't.

Oh I do have some good news, I have actually finished the cammo crochet rug for my big boy. Yes, I finish 1 project and purchase supplies for 3 more projects. lol, I do like variety!

What are YOU working on at the moment, and did you learn something new today??


Lollybags said...

You are such a little ray of sunshine. I was having a horrible day and you made me smile. Thank you.
I have so many quilts on the go its not funny. A wedding quilt for a family member, a throw quilt to cheer up me sister, a cuddle rug for my boy and a little one for me that was put on the back burner months ago. I made a bag yesterday, and am practising my free motion quilting.
I learnt a new word today : sesquipedalianism
The unnecessary use of long words when smaller ones would do

'Joyce' said...

oh hugs to you Lollybags, I hope your day tomorrow brings you joy. Sheesh, as for quilts, I hear you girl, I am too scared to open the lid on my quilt box, move over Pandora's Box, that's all I can say!! I love the quilts you make and would LOVE to see a pic of your bag. As for your new word of the day WOW! *giggle* I can't even say it. lol, but now I have learnt 2 things today, thank you. Small words are good. Big choccie hugs to you my friend and I hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow. xx