Monday, May 10, 2010

Shave for a Cure - Four Sleeps To Go

Thought I would share a conversation had today with my darling boys.
Eldest "Mum, when do you shave your head?".
Me "This Friday". (I collect boys from school, they will be there to see it happen)
Eldest "Will it be short like Joycies?" (Our darling neighbour, she has lovely short wavy hair and is 70, and yes, her name IS Joyce).
Me "No, it will be the same as Daddies, it's called a #2 cut".
Eldest "Dad and Mum will be the same." (said in a 'wow' sort of tone, with bulging eyes.)
Youngest "No, some things are different."
Eldest "What?"
Youngest "Mummy's body is different cause she has boobs and a girl voice and Daddy wrestles".

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing to do! You are such a lovely soul! I think wanting to shave your head for charity is one thins, but actually having the balls to do it is a completely different thing!!!! Good on you, what a great few posts to read!