Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rocky Road and a Little Green Bowl

So ok, you were right, it's rocky road. I will share my recipe with you, only because you are all soooooo lovely - oh and cause this is MY version of rocky road and I can share it, without taking someone else's idea.

Using my Mum's little green bowl with white spots. Did I tell you how much I love that little bowl?? lol.

Ok if you like dark choccie, then this one is for you.

400g dark choccie
200g milk choccie
approx 4 handfulls of marshmallows cut in half using kitchen scissors
approx 2 handfull of lollies, (snakes, raspberries etc) cut using kitchen scissors.

Melt the chocolate, add the marshmallows and lollies, stir to completely coat mallows and lollies in the chocolate. Add more if you need it.

Pour into slice tin and put in fridge to set.

To cut, I just take the tin out of the fridge for about 10mins to soften, then upend on cutting board and like the picture above with a big knife cut strips, then cut into smaller bite-size pieces.


- Add about 2 handfulls of unsalted peanuts.

- Not a huge fan of dark chocolate? Just use 200g dark chocolate and 400g of the milk chocolate.

- Desiccated coconut can also be added.

- Kids party? 200g of dark chocolate and 400g milk chocolate, put mixture into the minature patty cases (usually used for little choccies), and sprinkle with 100's and 1000's then into fridge to set.

Let me know if you make it and what you added to yours, I would love to know. Oh and if you like it too of course.


Michelle Jamieson said...

I always make this at Christmas time.
It's delicious and family always ask for some now...must be good?? LOL
I like your idea of letting it soften. Mine never cuts neatly. Maybe this is where I was going wrong?
Thanks Frances...I'll try that!!

Chelle Xx

Joy Heather said...

I have sent a comment but am not sure if you have got it..its been a while since i was able to log onto your Post for some reason, so i have lots of catching up to do...hope you get this..i am certainly going to try this out..i love chocolate !!

Joy Heather said...

Hi Joyce..i keep popping by to see if you have updated your blog yet..but i guess you must be busy..i do miss reading your blog..hope you are ok..I tried your recipe, with chopped up strawberries,it was very good..but didn't last long...Take Care Joyce..hope you are back soon..Hugs Joy

Joy Heather said...

By the way i added Marshmallows as well..but i put strawbs instead of lollies etc

Joy Heather said...

I DID comment on this blog a while ago, but you maybe didn't get it...I did try this as i like trying new things. I put real (but dried) Strawberries in it, with the was lovely..My comments do not seems to be getting through to you for some reason, or at least they are not showing up..i enjoy your blog and have it sved in my favourites..Joy

'Joyce' said...

Michelle and Joy, oh please accept my apologies for 'ignoring' your comments, I honestly havent been, but some of the comments are going into a moderator list for me to approve. I don't know why they have done this as I haven't set it to have comments moderated and others come up straight away. The old Joyce isn't too bright thats for sure. Please forgive me. Oh I make this rocky road all the time, you are right, it goes in a flash, but oh so yummy. Michelle, yes, I used to cut mine straight from the fridge, but it would crack and break, so leaving it for about 10mins out of fridge does work for me. I used that huge big chef knife thing to cut it too, lovely and sharp. Joy, thank you for thinking of me, yes, we are all well, we actually went away for a while and I had no computer with me, which was really hard. lol. As for chopped up strawberries oh gosh, I am going to have to try that one for sure, thanks for sharing, oh my mouth is watering at the thought. Thanks so much for liking my blog, I just mainly chatter away to myself, lol, it's lovely to meet so many talented folk through blogland. Hugs to you and I will be more diligent with my comments in future. Not sure why they go to the moderator list thing-y.