Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Skies

Have you ever looked up to the blue sky while laying on the ground? Have you wondered just how blue it is? Have you sent your eyes even further and further into the pure drowning blue of the sky, trying to see the furthest point of blue that your little human eye can reach? Isn't it just wonderful!

The above is from my journal dated 23 March 2010 while travelling the last 7 weeks. Almost 5 weeks in our caravan and another 2 in Sydney to visit family and friends. I remember this moment so very clearly, we had just finished a picnic lunch at Coolangatta Beach, we were sun-kissed, our bellies full, we had nowhere we had to be, no appointments to keep, no phones, clocks, tv's, agenda's - we were kings and queens, nothing ruled us, we ruled it all, we ate when hungry, slept when tired, drank when thirsty, the moment was ours and we knew it and cherished every drop of it.

I have had this vision of that perfect blue sky in my mind to carry me through my day today.

May your day be full of clear pure blue sky, and if the clouds gather, may you be lucky enough, like me, to be surrounded by those that love you dearly.


Joy Heather said...

Lovely Blog..Lovely thought.

'Joyce' said...

Joy thank you. Some days are not quite so 'cheery' as others, but carrying positive memories with me certainly gets me through the rough days.