Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is Green with White spots - My Mum's Bowl, of course.

Waiting - it was a race between the oven timer and the washing machine to beep a finished load. The oven won that round. lol. Oh and that is anzac slice in the oven.

It was a lovely cool day here today, so I made the most of it, turned the oven on and made double batches. To the back and left is my date anzac slice. To the front is a very wonky batch of my peanut butter biscuits with cranberries. No, don't screw up your nose, they are very delish, and my 3 boys can't get enough of them.

Hmmmm, tricky!! Can you tell me what I am making here?? Huh, go on, have a guess. It's currently in the fridge and I will share it with you tomorrow.
Bummer that you can't see the bowl with the chopped lollies in it. That bowl belonged to my Mum, she gave it to me a few years ago now as she doesn't use it anymore. I love it, pale green with white spots on it. Might have to show it off tomorrow. I use it all the time, and each time it comes out of the cupboard I think of my Mum, and all the wonderful cooking she did for us kids - there are 6 of us you know, so she did LOTS of cooking. I remember she had some really pretty aprons too. Hmmmm, I wonder if she still uses them on her big cooking days.
I never used an apron until a few years ago, I found some pretty fabric that just HAD to be made into an apron, got myself a pattern and ended up making a few.

What do you like to cook in your kitchen, and do you wear an apron?


lhaines80 said...

Rocky road! OHH Send me some?

'Joyce' said...

woo hoo, bingo!! we have a winner, yes, you are correct, however, not sure how it will travel to your place. Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear cross stitching friend. xx

Zyatica said...

LOl Have to be fast round here do i get points for working... I was going to say that too.....

'Joyce' said...

lol, yes, you get points for working. lol