Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leukaemia Foundation - Shave for a Cure

I have finally set the date for my shave. This is Dan, my hairdresser, who will be relieving me of my hair on the 14th May 2010. I am donating it for wig making to the Children's Alopecia Society.

I am excited to have a date set now, however, am a little nervous about doing the shave. I am lucky, I have a choice, some people don't have that choice.

Today I was offered by 2 people they would double their donation if I went right back to my skull, as in clean razor shave back to the skin. I am not sure I can be that brave, however, this evening have been thinking of how beneficial that money would be to a family with a sick child.
It's very tempting, but their donation would have to be very worth while me doing so. Currently, I am going back to a number 4 clipper. So a total razor shave would be nothing on that really, would it?


busygnomes said...

there's about an inch difference, so about 2 months growth. Theres only about a week difference between number one and a shave though.
I guess the question is; how much do you like hats?
With a number four you can still style it.
Your very generous!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Busygnome,
thanks so much for stopping by. Hmmmm, hats, well no actually not all that much of a fan of them, only because they don't really suit me, however, it will be beanie weather for me when I do the shave, so I will be knitting myself a few. I am just looking at the $$$$ and how much I can raise for the Foundation. Their donations will have to be quite substantial me thinks. I will keep you posted.