Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crochet Rugs

My boys chose these colours to have me crochet them a rug each for winter 2009. I finished the rainbow rug towards the end of winter, the cammo rug was more like well. . . . I finished it this week.

These rugs are now on their way to Ethiopia, to an orphanage for children that desperately need blankets and clothing to get them through the cold nights.

My boys made this decision after talking to a friend who is going over there. We come home, and my eldest was asking me questions about the kids over there and just how cold it got. I explained to him what an orphanage was and that our friends were taking some extra suitcases of clothing and warm items to donate.

Both my boys didn't like the idea of other children feeling the cold and not having enough to keep warm, and so, they wanted to send their rugs over.

I told them I would make them another rug each, exactly the same. My eldest likes the idea that every night he goes to bed and uses his rug, there will be another boy just like him with the same rug in another country and he will be warm too.

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