Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little bit of Yum!

No, you are not looking at gi-normous apricots, you are looking at very sweet, very cute, and very perfect for kids, little apples. Sooooo delish!!

Oh the yummi-ness (Yes, it's now a word, cause I said so!!) of the fresh produce markets. Coffee, fudge, eggs, honey, soaps, and all the fresh fruits and veges your heart desires.

My boys love going to the Thursday markets and so do I. Nothing beats knowing EXACTLY where your food comes from and how its grown. Better still, this stuff was only picked yesterday, you can smell it, you can taste it.

Thank you to our hardworking farmers.

1 comment:

Joy Heather said...

those apples look lovely..i enjoy the market days in my little town as well.