Thursday, January 14, 2010

'In Betweens'

I love little projects like this, these are my 'in betweens'. You know, in between swimming lessons (yes, I take little projects with me), in between whatever is on the stove bubbling away, in between those lovely rare quiet moments after having set up the makeshift cubby house from the dining table/huge cardboard box slide in the backyard, sitting in the Dr's surgery, or just grabbing a moment when the kids are just happy in their rooms doing their own thing after a busy morning at the park/beach etc etc.

I love my little ice cream sundae magnet on my freezer door. I love to cross stitch and find at the moment, the bigger projects are just not for me, cause I know they won't get finished anytime soon. I have so much on the go for other people, which I love to do, but it's just nice to see some if it stay at my house.

The pretty lavender magnet is a little gift for my Mum. I hope she likes it, it's in the post tonight, travelling the road south to her house. I have been wanting to do this for her for ages now, and as small as it is, it's finally finished. With all the seed beads that I have here, I went searching to use some for the lavender, but don't have any purple. Oh well, it's still pretty as is.

I even managed some time this afternoon to tidy up my floss boxes. I have 4 of these and tonight, they are all in order and those that needed refilling are refilled. Yes, I even have another container with spares that I have collected when my threads have been on sale, they are also stored in numerical order.

Too bad my kitchen and laundry don't look quite so pretty and organised. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

I hope you manage to find some relaxing 'in betweens' that can brighten up your day.

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