Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's the little things . . . .

Ohhhhh don't you just love when the postie brings you a little present!!

Thank you to My One Brown Mouse. Now let me see if I can attach a link here so you can pop over and check out these very cute and functional zippered pouches that are perfect for just about everything and anything.

Two of these are actually meant to be gifts, which two, and who for? I hear you ask, well that is my secret, oh and I am not sure which two. lol, might have to pop back over to My One Brown Mouse, and purchase a few more because I can think of many uses for these little treasures that are just too cute to part with.

I hope your day brings you little bits of joy, just like mine did today.

Oh and in regards to my crochet experiment, well I haven't forgotten, however, am investigating other yarns that will be more appropriate for my project, so you will have to 'hang in there' for just a tad longer.

Enjoy the little things.


My One Brown Mouse said...

Thanks Francis! I an Glad you liked them!
Stay posted, I have ordered some FAB new fabrics!

'Joyce' said...

Oohhh wonderful, I will hold of until you get the new lot in. lol, They are just beautiful.