Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's in the bag!

So ok, you saw I was making a little crochet 'secret' the other week, well ta-da, here it is. lol, yes, yes, I know the multi-coloured cotton I used in the first example is 'pretty' but THIS STUFF - are you serious!! ugg, it's hemp, it's rough, it's brown, it's hemp twine that has been crocheted (hope this spelling is correct) into . . . . . . . . . a soap bag!?? U-G-L-Y !!

Oh just you wait, just you wait til you put all your lovely homemade/natural soap scraps into this little bag and lather it up on your skin. OOOOHHHHHHH I did NOT want to get out of the shower this morning, between the smell of the wet hemp pocket mixed with lavender soap exfoliating my skin, I was in shower heaven. I don't suggest putting your brand new fresh cake of soap into this pocket and leaving it there, as the soap will soften and go to waste. I made it for my little soap scraps, because I buy locally made natural soaps, I just hated the waste when I got to the 'end' of my bar of soap, so this is how my little hemp pockets come about.

Now I will share with you the reason for using hemp twine. I was looking for a yarn/twine that was durable wet or dry, I wanted something that was mould resistant, I wanted something that was eco-friendly, animal-friendly, skin friendly, and budget friendly. This is it, this is the twine that ticked all my boxes. I just know you are busting to hear where I bought it from too. Of course I will share that with you also. Nerissa has a huge and I mean HUGE range of beautiful cottons, yarns, twines of all colours and types. She even posted to me some samples of the hemp before I placed my order.

Now this hemp twine would also make perfect shower cleaning cloths, as well as kitchen cleaning cloths, of which I am going to make a few of and will share when done. Or if you like the look of the soap pockets, it would make great in the laundry if you don't wish to use on your skin.

Don't ask me about crochet, my Mum taught me and her Mum taught her how to crochet, no patterns used it was just a case of putting the hook into my hands and the wool in the other and this is how you do it. My Mum and Grandma ALWAYS had knitting needles in their hands, I am sure my Grandma is in heaven still knitting for all the angels up there. My Mum knits in Summer and Winter and in between the veges boiling on the stove, or waiting for the washing machine to beep it's finished load for her to tend to. She knits in the car, she knits on the bus. My Mum never wastes a single moment of her day in being idle. There just isn't time for it.

Ok time to sign off from here, we are going to go for a swim. It's a warm still day here on the coast and a dip in the ocean to cool off and refresh is just what we need this evening.

Please let me know what you think of my soap pocket, yes, you are allowed to laugh, I did when I finished it, but oh wow, looks are so very deceiving.


Anonymous said...

oh Franny you are so cute. I love that you save your soap scraps and you made a bag to keep them. You are such an eco friendly girl and i think living at my house would curl your hair.... xxx

Joy Heather said...

I just came across your blog today..and loved it..i am not very good at making things myself, and i think i am getting a bit old..but they do say you are never too old to now i am at home a lot more i may be trying some of these things out.I do have a blog (2) but they are not very interesting..i use them mainly to put my own thoughts onto paper and as a sort of diary that i can refer back to if ever i need to..anyone can read them, i dont think many folk do though..i'm not a very clever writer...but i do enjoy reading others.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Joy, so lovely to meet you. lol. I would love to check your blog out. I also am not much of a writer, and didn't think it would be read by anyone, but I like to chat and have always had a journal over the years. I love reading other blogs, it's lovely to read what others have to say, or think about. One of the main reasons for this blog is to put down my thoughts, keep a record of things I make through the year, and basically through other blogs, get inspired to make stuff, learn how others live. Thank you again for your comments, so there is someone out there after all. lol.

Joy Heather said...

Hello Joyce..i keep popping on your blog to see if you have posted..i noticed its been nearly 3 months..i hope you are o.k. and that you will continue with your blog sometime soon..i miss reading it...Hope everything is ok...Hugs Joy

Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh look Joyce! I've never seen this post and I've pretty much copied the whole bloody thing!!! ha ha ah aha ha h your hemp pockets are just lovely! much more eco looking than my one! Great stuff!