Monday, May 7, 2012

ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne, ne ne ne ne ne ne ne BATMAN!

It's finished, it's posted, it should get there today.

Hurry Mr Postie, I wanna know if my little mate likes his early birthday present.

There are many adventures to be had, so hurry Mr Postie, please!

1 x batman cape completed.  

The symbol is in yellow and black felt.  I have hand sewn the symbol to the cape, so that if Batman
is no longer 'the thing to do', then our little hero can ask his Mummy with his best manners to take it off and all she has to do is snip the knot and gently unpick the thread.  Much easier when done by hand than by machine, and less pull and stress on the cotton poplin too.  The same goes for the little badge at the neck, which can be sewn onto a pillow or library bag or attached with a piece of black satin ribbon, makes the perfect bookmark.  

Thanks for stopping by my place today.
Have a wonderful week wherever you may be.  


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Miss Prudence said...

Impressive! Bruce Wayne may just change tailors!