Monday, May 21, 2012

A Day In The Life Of Joyce

I did my third ever markets yesterday.  It was so much fun.  I met some lovely people and very talented stall holders.  I got to hug customers and fellow stall holders in person who I had only chatted to via the computer in the past.  I got to hug return customers and friends who come out to visit me.  
There were many, many conversations had throughout the day, lots of giggles and sharing of craft.
One of the repeated comments to me from customers was 'how on earth do you find the time to make all this stuff?'
'ummmm, I don't know, I just make it - I don't watch much tv and so I guess I make stuff, - it's just part of me, I can't not do it'.

So today, I thought I would share a Joyce day.  
This is what I did today, on my 'day off'.  
I lost my voice this morning, (but thankfully it it found its way back again), and despite feeling very tired, I got lots done, just by putting one foot in front of the other, taking the camera with me, there was no one to talk to, so my voice was well rested, and I managed to appreciate the day and tend to the gentle rhythm of home duties.  

Starting with sorting breakfast and lunches for my family and getting them out the door, taking my knitting to the bus stop.

There were 6 x loads of washing.

There were 2 x bathrooms to clean.

Floors were vacuumed.  The vacuum cleaner photo was just too boring, so I thought I would share instead 2 of my constant companions today, my slippers and my washing basket.  

Beautiful bright colours draining in the dish drainer.

A spot of knitting while waiting the last 2 minutes of another wash cycle.

Joyce being a little bit naughty, but sometimes, it's ok to be a little bit naughty.

Then there was waiting on hold on the phone, where I got my knitting out yet again and got a few rows done whilst waiting.  Sorting through remaining stock, I then took my knitting to the bus stop, walking and knitting, of course.  Sorry, forgot to get photos of this task, you will just have to believe me, or ask my neighbours who I met at the bus stop.

Afternoon tea, supplied by one of the lovely stall holders at the markets yesterday, (thank you Zoe - soooooo delish!) and time out to hear about my boys school day.

Watching my little Min drawing.  He is so intense and I just sit back with my knitting and he doesn't realise I am watching him draw.  Such a precious moment for me.

Listening to my big boy read.

Homework duties.

Vegies on the stove, and muffin mix about to be spooned into pattie cases.

hmmmmmmm, lunchbox love - muffins.  (recipe to share coming)

With washing folded, children snuggled into bed, kitchen cleaned and packed away, it's time for Joyce. Onto the computer, updating my orders, and new order enquiries, catching up with my big boy and best mate who is now home from work.
Out comes the order book and cast on the yarn for another set of wristies, complimented by a well earned drop of wine.

So there you have my day off.  

As mentioned in a previous post, I had some wonderful news to share, and share it I shall.
I have work for the rest of this term as a teacher aide at a primary school.  
It seems so unreal to say out loud, but there you go, I said it.  
Excited much!  I still cannot believe they asked me.
I am having the most wonderful time.  

Thank you for stopping by my place,
have a most wonderful week at your place.



Michelle Jamieson said...

Holy've been busy!
Maybe I should document one of my days...looks like fun!

Miss Prudence said...

I dream of a day off ONLY pursuing fun, no washing or cleaning involved!