Saturday, January 7, 2012

National Year of Reading 2012

This is my first read for 2012.  Yay!

It's been in my bookcase for about 18months now *ahem*.  My neighbour borrowed it last year and when she gave it back to me, she told me I just HAD to read this book.

The reality of joining a bookclub and being consistent just doesn't fit into our family schedule right now, and I don't like committing to something that I am not able to fully throw myself into.  

I was going to aim for 1 book each month, you know, aside from the kids reads, which I also love.  Seriously, 1 book to read in 4 weeks, holy cow, I used to read a book in 48 hours, surely 1 book per month is do-able?  Hmmmm, perhaps I shall leave out the goal setting and just settle down to read when I can.  

No pressure, just pleasure.

Have you opened up the pages of a book lately?  What are you reading in January?

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, have a fabulous weekend at your place.


Beansieleigh said...

I think it's been months, Joyce, that I've been trying to read The Help! It was good, as I was reading it, but right away what threw me off were the exceedingly LONNNNNNNG chapters. I most always set some kind of goal where I read a full chapter a day, at least. But I just couldn't find the TIME to read a full chapter with this book, and was out of sync from the start!.. I don't know how odd that is or isn't; but I'd still like to finish it, before I rent the movie! I'll just wish us BOTH luck! Happy New Year! ~tina

3anklebiters said...

i truly enjoyed all three books in this series as well as the original Swedish movies (subtitles and all). during the week we have no television on, so the kids have the choice of board games, reading, outside play etc. after school and chores. it really has increased how much we all read. i just finished "The Year She Fell" and "Mrs. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children" on my Kindle, they were both fantastic.

Lauren said...

Oh I hope you enjoy it, I haven't got into those books but thought I might give them a go...although the movies look a bit intense for me!