Friday, January 6, 2012

b r e a t h e

This Friday is going to take more than 'a moment' I have decided.  

It's the first Friday of 2012.

I have been very blog absent of late, and  with all good intentions of getting back on here and recording stuff, it just hasn't been that way.   

The usual discussion of resolutions and the like have been circulating this last week in various conversations.  I don't think I have ever had a New Years Resolution, and I am not about to begin now.  

2012 is a big year, celebrating some of the following, in no particular order,
The Year of the Dragon, 
The National Year of Reading - information about it here (yippee)
The Year of the Farmer - information about it here (bless them, and let's make a conscious effort to support them through local markets where we can)
The United Nations Year of the Cooperatives - information about it here    

On a personal note, 2012 is going to be -
The year of groovy.

Yup, it's really that simple.  I did type out a whole heap of 'year of' stuff, but then when I typed groovy, well that pretty much sums it all up for me.  

If you know of any that I have left out, or if you are celebrating a particular 'year of' at your place, and would like to share, I would love to know.

My regular breathe moments shall resume next Friday.  
Have a wonderful very first Friday of 2012 at your place today.
Thanks so much for stopping by my place.

Make it Groovy!

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Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I thought that was a cake with bright lollies on it! Very groovy little crochet wheels. Bet that's going to be something very cool soon. Have a groovy start to the year my dear.