Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mt. Barker and Victor Harbour

We have met some lovely people along the way and one of the most lovely would have to be Cheryl.  
Cheryl lives between Adelaide Shores and Victor Harbour and holidays here at this caravan park where we are currently staying.  We have bumped into each other a few times since pulling in here and we have a bit of a chat.  She is a mad crochet-er, so of course, that in itself is open conversation.  

She recommended to us to check out Mt. Barker Jazz Festival, Strathalbyn, Lobethal, Victor Harbour and I can't remember the name of the little town that has old buildings, tractors, machinery and other old stuff, she said the boys would love it.  

We hopped in the car and headed off.

We had lunch at Millies Bakery in Mt. Barker and enjoyed the jazz that was live there.

We went for a wander down the street, it looked a bit like this.  These trees are just so pretty.

Onto Victor Harbour and said hello to the beautiful Clydesdale horses that pull the horse-drawn tram over the jetty.  We did not actually have a ride on the tram as the times did not match with us.

So we walked over the jetty with our own two legs cause it was such a lovely afternoon and found ourselves on Granite Island.  

We walked the island and here above is a photo of my two big boys checking out the view before them.
Love this photo.  Love how they love each other so.

This is the sun setting and showcasing seal rocks.  There are, from memory, 5 islands in this area and the little penguins along with seals, and terns use these for their homes.  

Here is me on Granite Island.  

We also visited  Alexandrina Cheese and of course bought some.  We then went down the road to Mt Jagged Winery for some tasting and more purchasing.  I have to admit my tastes in wines is not a fancy one, nor are my tastebuds all that mature/educated in the way of wines.  I know what I like and I like what I like.  It's just that simple.  Generally I prefer the Moscato.  It's just how it is for me.  Some people like other stuff, I like Moscato.  However I was honest when sampling and straight out said that I like Moscato, I also then said, oh that's the face my friends make when I say Moscato.  (She pulled a screwed up face look, just like my friends do when I say Moscato)  It gave me the giggles and I hadn't even started on the tastings yet. 

We ended up getting a Sparkling Red that both hubbie and I liked.

For dinner tonight we feasted on local cheeses, salami's, stuffed olives, not local dried apricots, and Vale Ale.  It was a fabulous feast of food.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  

Posted by Joyce. xx

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Miss Prudence said...

Sounds delicious! Vic Harbour is lovely! I just adore that area and often go there for holidays