Monday, May 23, 2011

Adelaide CBD

The journey continues, the journalling. . . . well it's coming. . . .

We loved Adelaide, we initially asked for 3 nights, then the second night we asked for another night, the night after that we asked for one more night.  Like I said, we love Adelaide.  The head over heels type love for me.

Walking the streets, even our feet love Adelaide.

Beautiful buildings.

Minnie loves this building with the 'flying leaves'.

Did I mention that I love Adelaide?

Steps with character

Beautiful open spaces in the middle of town.

Back at the caravan park, one of the many stunning views while cooking dinner.

We visited the Art Gallery and there was an exhibit on at the time of Patricia Piccinini, we paid up and went in.  It was certainly an experience.  The boys loved it too, much to my surprise.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, thank you for your lovely comments as our journey continues.  

Take care of you.

Posted by Joyce. x x


Miss Prudence said...

Thanks for the piccies! I am remembering! I love Adelaide too. Glad you are loving the adventure xx

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Absolutely LOVING those steps!! I've not been to Adelaide before but it sure looks like somewhere we should visit one day.