Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The One About A Beanie for Minnie and Yarn Art.

 Not sure if you remember the above almost finished jumper from here, but finally it is now unwound, because Minnie wants a beanie in this colour.  I think the grey vest that I got at the same time would make a lovely beanie and scarf combo for this old Mumma's head and neck too.  Must unravel that one soon too.

 Minnie wants a beanie, so Minnie unravelled the unfinished project.  Little hands busy at work.  I love that this yarn swift is in its fourth generation of hands working it.  The stories it must have heard, over chatting and winding yarn, the items it will have unravelled.  

. . . .  and here it is, the finished requested beanie for minnie.  

It was finished last night, and this morning he found it and wore it to breakfast.  He loves it thank goodness, despite all the lovely little nobbles in it from being knitted and unwound.  It gives such a lovely texture and I don't have the heart to tell him that over time, this will flatten out.
Eye spy the little vest he is wearing?  This was made by Minnie's Nanna for her little boy (Minnie's Dad - my biggest boy of them all).  It is just so cute and Minnie loves it, although he is going to get warm in it today, but for now, he tells me 'I like when my tummy is extra warm.'  I like that it makes his tummy extra warm too.  He wants to pack this one for our little holiday, and I love that he likes to wear something that his Daddy wore.  It won't fit him much past this winter, so I am going to get lots of photos of him in it.  I wonder who will wear this little vest next?  

Yarn art.   

And just because I can, more yarn art.  
I think this would actually look really nice on our wall. . . . . Yes, I know, just a little strange is Joyce, but you know you love it.  

I am off here to get sorting, packing and cooking, we are getting ready for a little holiday, and there is much to be done.  I have closed the study books for the time being, they are not even coming with me.  I managed to get much more done that I had set myself up for, so now it's time for a break.  Oh the excitement of a little holiday with my family.  I am so looking forward to spending time with the man that I married, I am so looking forward to my boys hanging out with their Daddy, I am so looking forward to no agenda, no set destination, no worries.  

Thank you so much for stopping by my place today.
Have a wonderful day at your place.


Gillian said...

Oh Joyce, Minnie's new hat looks Brilliant!
I love it with the reworked texture too :)

so CUTE that he is wearing his Daddy's little vest, it's a beautiful treasure :)

and I love your yarn art, esp the heart!
Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy the time with your sweet family and the break from study x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh you are so clever with the needles dear Joyce. What a wonderful hat. I do love that yarn winder, and what a great pattern it makes when wound. A great job for a child.

Your wall art would be wonderful I'm sure! It's very brown but very nice and textural!

Enjoy your little holiday away. A quick break away is always a good thing. We are going away for a very short time as well. How exciting! Happy Easter to you and your family my dear xxx

Jacey said...

Such a cute hat and I love his vest , what a dude. Have a fantastic holiday, we too are off on a little break over the weekend to try out the new tent. xx

AlyshaJane said...

Minnie's hat is gorgeous! I bet he feels very proud wearing his Dad's vest!

Hope you have a fabulous family holiday! :)

'Joyce' said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.
Gillian, a very happy Easter to you and your little family also.
Sarah, Speaking of clever, you need to look yourself in the mirror dear friend. lol. I swoon at your creativeness. A very happy Easter to you and your little family - no matter how short the break, it's always wonderful to spend that time together with no other interruptions.
Jacey, ohhhhh a new tent, have lots of fun, you will have to let me know how you go. Yes, my minnie is quite the little dude. lol. Happy Easter to you and your little family also.
Alysha, Minnie, loves that his Daddy used to wear this vest, he has always gotten attached to things that have been handed down. Not sure that that has anything to do with the fact that most of his clothing has been handed down from big brother, but he is my little hippie boy and loves anything op-shopped or just a little 'different' from what is current on the rack. A bit like his Mumma there. Wishing you and your lovely husbitect a wonderful Easter and hopefully time to catch your breath.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I do love your wonderful comments. Have a most wonderful Easter break if I don't get back here sooner. xx

TK said...

I am full of all round wholesome goodness after reading this post!! Firstly THE beanie is fab (Minnie is lucky that he doesn't live near me 'cos I would pinch it!!), the little vest is such a treasure and how beautiful that minnie wants to wear it so much AND the yarn art would look perfect on our wall!!! Do have a lovely break Joyce, enjoy te family time and come back with lots of new stories to share, TK xx

Joanne Hill said...

What a lovely know I never thought of buying jumpers etc and unraveling them, will check the knitted opshop delights out better next time. the wool winder is fantastic, are the "wool art" balls the balls it winds?? Where can I get one from???

Stay safe and enjoy your hols

'Joyce' said...

Hi Tiffany, ohhh thank you. A very happy easter to you and yours as well.
Hi Jo, The wool winder is called a yarn swift, I think is the correct name. I don't think you can purchase these type anymore unless you chance one in an op shop. My Mum had this one and so I asked to borrow it as I had lots of winding to be done. Yes, the 'wool art' are from the winder, it gives such a lovely wind and texture. I would type in yarn swift on google and see if you can get one from a yarn store. They would still have to be around, however, could be in a different form.