Saturday, January 8, 2011

So ok, I have just now been sitting in front of this open page for exactly 12mins. Blank. No words. Fingers not moving. Keyboard nerves? Stage fright? Blog bug? Staring at the photo of myself, looking back at me. What do I say? Happy New Year? Hi, it's Joyce? Whatcha been up to? How you doin'?

This is my first post for 2011, and perhaps I want it to be momentous, fabulous, and a whole other bunch of fantastical words that elude me right now. *sigh*

I have never been comfortable looking at photos of me. I don't know why, it's just the way it is, but as I sit here and look back into my own eyes right now, I see my family, I see my friends, I see so many people who have 'moulded' this person staring back at me. I see flashes of moments with them, I hear their voices.  ok, I think I have found my groove here now and am on a roll. 

I see the freckles all over my face and remember growing up as a kid, being outdoors, spending time on my Grandparents farm, holidaying by the beach, backyard cricket, the old slip 'n slide, squirting each other with the hose and running through the sprinkler (way, way, w-a-y before water restrictions).  

I see the crinkle lines at the sides of my eyes and they make me smile, because they are only there from the people that make me laugh, sometimes laugh so much that water pours out of my eyes and my shoulders do that uncontrollable shaking thing and I cannot speak cause I am laughing too much. Oh and then I have to run off and pee, cause, you know, I am laughing THAT much.

This year is another big year, full of plans, and goals, dreams and desires. I don't really have New Years Resolutions as such, but I guess these are the same thing.

In no particular order, here is some of what I would like to achieve for 2011.

- Finish my teachers aide course (currently just started unit 3 of 14 units.)

- Volunteer at Early Intervention playgroup each Friday.

- A midnight skinny dip in the ocean.  (This should be done at least once each year.)

- Squares for SIBOL

- Make at least 20 scarves to donate to the local Cancer unit.

- Take singing lessons - this will be my treat once my studies are over. Something I have wanted to do for such a long time and always been too scared busy to take that step.  This may possibly be a goal for 2012 at the rate my studies are going, but it's real now, it's out there, and once it's out there, well, there really is no going back.  *b-kerk* (insert chicken noise here).

- Walk more, much more.  I used to walk alot and I miss walking.

- Learn to use modern technology - to start with, my itty-bitty pink i-pod thingy. 

- Bodyboard with my kids more, they are at the age now where they don't need me to push them with the wave, and we can catch waves together on our own boards.  

- Make jams and spreads and yummy stuff from my new book, Windfalls by Sue Ruchel.  (Thanks to my dear friend Alison for this recommendation and a scrummy sample of her home made jam which is now totally all gone).

So what makes you tick for 2011?  What are your plans, and goals, dreams and desires for 2011?  Where to you want to be at the end of 2011?  How many more times am I going to type 2011??

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a lovely day at your place.  


Sarah said...

Well that sounds like you have a pretty good year planned. I like the sound of your new book. Jams still get me going! Teacher aide training sounds like something I'd like to do one day as well. How long will it take to complete the course?

Penelope said...

Hi Joyce, what a lovely post and beautiful reflections on how you have become you and the tapestry of your life. I have dreams and hopes for each and every year too. Good health is an essential as I work with patients who die and I know how precious life is and then of course it's family joys and time spent with Alice and Andy and memories to be make...and oh yes a million and 1 crafty goodies to be made too xox Happy and memorable 2011 to you and yours xox

Colette said...

Wow sounds like you are going to have a busy year! You will love jam making, we are quite recent converts but they never disappoint - even if they don't set they make a great syrup!

Thanks for your comments over at mine, I don't think it's too late to join in on the 10.10.10 challenge, I missed yesterday, I'm hoping I won't get told off! It's fun and once you start it's strangely addictive. Good luck!