Friday, January 14, 2011

10 x 10 x 10 - Day 5

Day 5 isn't very adventurous at all.  It's Friday here, which means it's a cleaning toilets, vacuuming, dusting, washing, sort of day and I try to keep that routine going even through holidays.  My boys know what Friday is and they have jobs to do as well.  But we get up early and get stuck into it early, so that in the holidays, all the chores are out of the way - then we can do our thing for the afternoon and usually there is a bit of a treat in there, just to get us to the afternoon, just to have that lovely something to look forward to.  Today it's ice blocks and we will spread the blankets and cushions out and the boys will watch dvds, while I get a few more things done.  

Main picture - A thrifted shirt bought for my youngest - I so love this shirt on him, it's perfect but won't fit him after this summer.  All our shirts get hung on hangers to air dry in the laundry and because this was a double load, the boys shirts are hanging in various doorways.  I have mentioned previously that I am allergic to ironing.  Plus this is better for the environment too.  

1. Friday these are emptied.
2. On the way back inside from taking photo 1.
3. My eldest tidied his Hero Factory dudes, apparently they are about to do battle.
4. Pencils left on the table from my boys when they wrote in their journals.
5. One of 3 current crochet projects.  This one for hubbie.
6. Joyce needs lots of sustenance today.
7. Something my youngest has been adapting for his lego workmen.
8. I would love to curl up with one of these for a read this afternoon.
9. A fave huge cushion in our lounge room, this partners well with pictures 8 and 6.

Today doing the housework, I have had a little candle burning.  A little candle burning for all those families returning to the place their home once stood.  Homes that will never be vacuumed again, that will never have little hand marks upon the walls, that will never hear laughter, that will never contain the delish smells of dinner cooking.  

I can't stop thinking of these families who have lost so much - I can't stop watching the news.  

I must apologise for my flat posting today, I am feeling a little *meh*.  A little bit achey head, a little bit achey ears, a little bit achey throat.  The dirty jobs are done for the day.  Later it will be folding washing and putting it away and dinner which is just home crumbed chicken tenderloins and a sort of ceasar salad mix - Joyce style.  

I am off to cut more fabric for sewing to make drawstring bags to donate to Among The Gum Trees: We need your help!!!  If you are also able to assist in some small way, it would be greatly appreciated.  I am just doing drawstring bags and filling them with the requested items.  If you can make the armchair caddies, that would be fabulous.  Just email the ladies and they will answer all your questions and give you an address to send items to.  If you cannot sew, you can still help by sending a pair of scissors, some thread and a little fabric or, there is a donate button on the blog to aid with postage of these items.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today and I hope you are well.  I hope you find some time for yourself, perhaps a hug to share and a little chocolate too.  


Clara said...

Joyce, I love that you posted about the shirts and how you hang them about to dry. I often do that myself. If I use the dryer and know there are clothes that just need a little tumble I yank them out early on and hang them about and they dry in no time.

I hope you get over your achy feelings. This time of year will do it to you.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

It sounds like we would make a grand pair! I do the sewing and you can do the other stuff. I really don’t fancy making the drawstring bags at all, but that’s not essential I hear. The caddies are basically like making mini quilts. Quite time consuming but I’m very pleased at how they have turned out. Go walking foot!! It’s a fab little foot for sure and makes my life so much easier.

Now don't you go and get sick will you? You so don't need that! Lots of restful days for you.

Colette said...

What a lovely everyday - as it is - post. Make sure you snuggle up with the chocs and a book and rest a little, it's been quite an emotional week just watching the floods on TV, I can't imagine what it must like to be over there and to be affected by all this.
Enjoy your weekend. x