Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 x 10 x 10 - Day 4

Day 4 of my project and totally loving it.  

I am becoming more and more brave with each day.  I am challenging myself to click in the strangest of places that I would never normally bother to click before.  I am noticing just how many signs there are in our shopping ctr car park.  I can tell you these photos were taken in well under 3 minutes.  Mainly because I felt like a total freak bolting about the car park full of cars clicking away at signs and paint on the road.  My boys were laughing at me and pointing out to all the signs as I went.  It's good for them to see things around them as well.  They also commented on the huge number of signs and as my youngest put it - 'instructions for what drivers have to do.'  That's is buddy, everywhere you look, there is a sign telling us what to do and what the rules are.    

Here are a few more that have joined in. Lollybags Creations and Zyatica's Meanderings and Creations.  Please pop over and have a look, why not join in yourself.  Let us know, so we can visit you too.  I love getting little glimpses into the lives of my friends.  I love finding out what catches their eye as they go about their days.  How do they see colours, shadows, what items are part of their day and the stories that go with those items.

I am out of here now, about to set up a lovely little plate of cheese, fruit and biscuits for our afternoon snack.  Then I am going to attack a pile of fabric, pull out the sewing machine, and get busy.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope you and yours are safe and well at your place.  


Lollybags said...

I am very jealous of your blue skies!
I love the thought of you running around a car park taking photos like a mad thing :D I plan something similar next week when Moo an I get our eyes tested. That might be a "stealth picture" post.
Thank you for the mention.
Hope you are all well and safe

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Yes I agree, the world has got so super bossy these days! I wonder what you are making? Now I'm being nosy!! Hope you had fun sewing anyway.

Zyatica said...

Thankyou for the mention ... I too felt a bit uneasy taking pics at the park - only a few kids there and was sure not to point at other kids then mine.
I am really loving this exercise and I really am enjoying the write up, its quiet fun to see what comes out of my fingers and how when I use Picasa and go make collage the photos seem to flow nicely on the collage.
Anyway enough from me thanks again for the mention.

Cheers Z

Colette said...

It's funny but you don't really notice all these signs until you really LOOK and then they are everywhere.
I too have felt a little bit loony, especially taking pictures of the ground, in the rain. My Mum would say it's character building.
Looking forward to the next set.

'Joyce' said...

Lollybags, thinking of you all down in Victoria, and hoping you are all safe and dry.
Sarah - re what I am making, are drawstring bags for donating to craft groups in QLD. I will post them up when they are done.
Zyatica, No worries re mention, I love this project and where it's taking me.
Colette - I love your Mum! Character building indeed. I haven't had anyone confiscate my camera as yet, so will keep going.
Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.