Monday, December 13, 2010

When A Child Is Born

Happy Birthday to my darling little Min today.

My baby turned 6 at 6.34am this morning. I will never forget him being born, I will never forget that feeling of touching his soft little head as he was being born from my body. I will never forget the feeling to push. I will never forget the agonising, burning pain, ripping through my body and celebrating it, knowing the honour of being this little childs Mumma. I would do it all again in a snap. It was worth every moment. I remember feeling through the strongest contractions it was like it was happening to someone else and I was watching it all happen from beside the bed.

I will never forget his wet, naked little body was laid on my naked body. Skin to skin, everything around me vanished, it was just he and I. Two little dark eyes squinted open in the light, black wells of velvet where I drowned, falling, falling, into those eyes, and six years later, they are still as dark as the day he was born. Still they capture me just as on that first day.

I hope I haven't been too 'gross' but I use my blog as a journal and these are the thoughts I have at this moment. Each of my boys birthdays I have a 'tug' feeling inside my chest. It's not so much a tight feeling, but just a tug. I cannot explain the love I have for them, it goes beyond words, as I am sure Mummas everywhere feel the same.

I feel very blessed and honoured to be given the opportunity to be the Mumma to these two beautiful, cheeky boys.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with love that you cannot find the words?


Jacey said...

Such a beautiful post, I am sat reading this with my little girl on my knee, she is fast asleep and snuggled in her blanket, I was about to lay her down and get on with some housework, but now I think I will stay where I am and enjoy this special moment a little while longer.Time goes by to quick.
Happy birthday to the little man.xx

TK said...

oh Joyce I love this post....beautifully written....yes every year on my M's birthday I have this weird happy/sad feeling!! I can still picture his little face when he was given to me just after his birth - the amazingness of it all so so incredible. He will always be my little angel, no matter how big & grown up he gets!!

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Jacey, oh gosh, I know how you feel, to have your little one curled up on your lap gently sleeping. Housework never grows up, but our little ones certainly do.
Hullo Tiffany, I am so glad we feel the same, I am sure all Mumma's do, it's that heartstrings tug, that is forever invisibly there, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Have a wonderful day.