Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When you least expect it. . . .

I would like to share some op-shop goodness I come across a few weeks ago. I have had them all wrapped in paper still in the bag in my studio, so now they are out and washed and ready to play at our place.

I don't know much at all about the makings/origins or values of any pottery, this is one thing I would so love to learn more about, you know, one of those days when I have more 'time'. I would like to know where things come from and how they are made. I don't go shopping for a particular maker/year/number or look for any special markings. I just know what I like and go from there. I don't care that it might be a one off item, or one of one million items. I have never been a 'labels' kinda gal.

I do love op-shopping tho, I would so love to know the secrets of where items have spent their time, what was their use, were they a gift of love, did the person travel alot, do they hold magical childhood memories for someone. I love that they now have a new home to gather new memories - I wonder the adventures they will have with us, and where they may go from here. I love they are not in landfill, hidden away, these little gems, and I love the money I give over for them will go to help another person in some small way. I love browsing the shelves of different items, everything has a story to tell, there might be a little dust, it might be a little wonky, it's all part of the charm, the discovery.

This beauty above will be filled with rum balls, coconut ice, homemade stars and all sorts of lovelies for Christmas. It is so pretty, there isn't a single mark or chip anywhere. Underneath tells me it's made in England by Tuscan Decoro Pottery and a pile of numbers. Well Tuscan Decoro Pottery, thank you.

Oh yes, I found a lovely pattern for moi! I so want the red outfit! That is what I bought it for, but since coming home, I do love me the little blue jacket too. Also lots and lots of buttons, I love brown buttons. Not much in mind for these just yet, but I hear necklace when I look at these.

I so wonder where these beauties come from? The two little floral plates so remind me of my Grandma and Nana. I don't quite know why, maybe it's the orange? Hmmmm, I just had to have them in any case. I see them on my dresser glowing with a tea light candle, I also see them on the coffee table with a doily underneath them.

The lovely orange vase/cup just HAD to live with us. Oh my goodness, I so love this item, it's my absolute favourite item of the day. There is no stamp, no number, not a single thing underneath it, I think this makes me love it even more. So totally mysterious, so totally orange. I am seeing gardenia and frangapani flowers floating in here, I see choccies in here, oh but not at the same time as the floating flowers of course! *giggle*

What little treasures do you have at your place? Do you like to op-shop? Do you like to source a particular year/model/make/fashion? Or do you go freely through the second-hand goodness letting items choose you?

Have a lovely day at your place.


Gillian said...

oooohhh lovely finds Joyce :)
I would have picked up all of those pieces myself!
I go op shopping at least a couple of times a week, I'm like you I love to look at all of the pretties and often find myself wondering about them, we have some great op shops in my home town. I love finding English china, yarn, old maths text books which I use with my cardmaking :)

Lollybags said...
It's a start!

TK said...

I am so in envy mode at the moment over your delightful Tuscan Decoro Pottery piece...yes I can see it brimming with Christmas snacks!!!